Homey.apps.getAppSettings only returning id on new homey pro

Hi, I am now the lucky owner of a new HP2023, received if last week.
I am now testing if all the apps that I use on my old homey are installing and working on the new one and if my homeyscripts are still running ok.
I now have an issue with the following command in one of my homeyscripts to get the app settings of in my case the app “telegram bot”.

Homey.apps.getAppSettings({ id: ‘org.telegram.api.bot’ });

On HP2023 it only returns an ID instead of the info i want.


On my old homey I get the info I need, like bot_token and chat_id’s.


I test this command in the developer tools web API playground.

Does anyone have an idea how to get the app settings on the new homey?
Regards, Peter

By asking Athom to implement the function into Homey Pro 2023 / update the homey-api used on the developer tools.


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:+1: thnx

Lets see if they didn’t forget to also do the playground then :stuck_out_tongue:

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