Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List

Just got some notifications for the version I made (only upped the required FW), did it work for you?

Hey…I saw someone asking the question if the SSH client was working. I just updated to V2.0 and the SSH client is NOT working. The app was disabled after the upgrade.

Upped compatibility, no crash on install so Guess it works if you install through CLI… I’ll create a PR for the maintainer but think he quit developing a few months ago…

The iCalendar to Voice-app (iCalendar to Voice by Raymond Brink) I use to start flows with Google Calendar events seems to be abandon. Has somebody tested it in 2.0 for compability or is there another app which have this capability?

I see the NFC reader doesnt work in flows very well now.
Activating a flow with the NFC “a specific tag has been detected” doesnt work. Any and every flow will now run with any registered NFC tag. This was a great experience today when every alarm ac and voice flows ran at the same time with any NFC tag I used.

Also, Athom has removed the NFC among with few other things from all the new Homeys. So I won’t be surprised if soon they will drop support for NFC on all future firmware upgrades.

Yeah, someone else had the same problem (I believe they worked around it by adding an AND card).

Oh crap. Another reason not to update… I use NFC to activate/deactivate my alarm (and determine if it’s my cleaner etc) - if that breaks the wife will go mad!


Would also like to know…

Additionally any new on Hive app?

In the old version i could connect a specific playlist to a person thru sonos. Now i don’t see that option anymore.
Spotify seems to be only for de connect speakers now. In the little movie from Athom homey i also see a muzic screen with pics of the music your playing. Where can i find this .So 2 questions anyone?

never mind guys, i saw i was still on the old version. Works fine now

The original developper of the BeNext app is looking for a developper who would like to adopt his app. I guess there are quite some Homey users who use the app in combination with the TAG reader or the heatlink that can communicate with central heating systems that work with the OpenTherm protocol. At this moment the old app will not work with firmware 2.0. I am not a develloper, but I do use this app.


Pushover is not working. No config and can’t select a device :frowning:

might be enough to change to id’s to numbers in

Have 0.0.10 beta version running here

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Is anyone able with 2.0 installed to test the app ‘SQL from Rens Brandwijk’ for me? It has been rewritten to sdkv2, so theoretically it should work, but I would like some confirmation about this.

As is stated in the opening post.

This post has started to be more of a discussion post instead of what it was meant to be, a list of compatible apps. It seems most just post here without reading the posts already made. It took a lot of time making the list and keeping it up-to-date but feels a bit like a lost effort so I’m not spending any more time on updating the opening post.

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Gledopto RGB Controller (ZigBee)

by @MarcoRuiter
v1.0.0 - 13.08.18 works! (as in 1.53)

I for one appreciate the effort and would beg you to continue!

I think the problem is that people are (rightly) antsy about the fact that their finely crafted setups ultimately break with v2.

The first post isn’t exhaustive despite your efforts, so people posting “does this app work” seems to be the only way/place to get answers - i don’t think that’s a negative to your efforts, just an enhancement!

Please keep up the good (essential) work (work that Athom should really be doing…)


The app Benext is working partially. I have a P1 dongle that shows the amount of energie is used.
However the gasmeter, current high and Low are not showing anything.

opentherm gateway app is having issues on 2.0. Sensor device won’t install. Developer contacted but no response shofar