Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List

Is this correct? I’m not using heimdall yet, but as i followed the development of heimdall and knowing how committed you are, i guess it works.

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Timer Version 0.6.2 (beta) is working again (and has been approved by Athom, so can be found in the appstore)

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Confirm, the app is not compatible anymore.

Oeps, forgot to remove the not from that line.
Thanks for reporting!

Topic is: homey-2-0-0-community-app-compatibility-list
my post has a lot of incompatible apps which are not listed yet or listed wrong.
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I considered it off topic as it was on the english boards when it should have perhaps been in the dutch(?) boards.

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it is in dutch AND english…

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Solar panel doesnt work with homey 2.0

No issues with is. See below:

If you have fronius . I cant have the latest solarpanel .And icant install 1.43 then i have homey 2.0

Solar panels is working here also.
SQL is working here
Weather Underground is not working here


What have you for sol panels ,have you fronius ?

  • Xiaomi Mi Home works (tested with two Yeelight led strips).
  • Samsung Tv IR works (toggle on of is tested), but I did not have my remote to do a proper setup of the right remote and do a full test.

cc DaneedeKruyff

  • Tesla app does not seem to work. I can’t add a car because you can only do that “if a valid account is configured in the app settings” but I can’t find that feature.

Works the Candy app, can anybody please test. Big Thanks!

It appears not to, but Led Ring Collection is also listed there and that app does work.

As stated here.

Daikin App (Alpha, 2.0.0) works like a charm on Homey 2.0
Adapter type “B”, Software ≤2.0.1
Needs to be uninstalled and then re-installed.


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Ring works fine here, however was installed before 2.0

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