Homebridge support (not homekit)

While the homey community is awesome there are a few devices missing, most of those devices are supported by homebridge for the people that aren’t familiar with homebridge: it’s an bridge to give devices that aren’t supported by Apple’s homekit - homekit support (Like Nello, Playstation 4 and much much more)

Now I can hear you say; what has that todo with Homey ?

Well, there happens to be a fork for Homebridge called Homebridge-Alexa that enable’s Amazon Alexa access and control your homebridge controlled devices and accessories.

so it serves the homebridge devices to Amazon Echo instead of Homekit. What if we learn from this fork ? and create an Homebridge-Homey fork ?

To have homebridge support would be an awesome feature for Homey.

the Homey community is great but the Homebridge community is even larger, why re-invent the wheel if you can borrow it :slight_smile:

I understand that this would be a pretty big feat. so if someone decides to conquer this challenge I’m willing to donate $100 towards this project.

thank you for reading and I hope someone wil jump start this.


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Isn’t there already an Alexa skill for Homey?

I Guess, don’t know… this is about HomeBridge -> Homey

There’s HomeKit support for Homey, if that’s what you’re looking for? Which uses the same underlying modules that Homebridge uses.

I’m sorry, but did you read my post or are you just guessing ? I’m talking about homeBRIDGE support so instead of homeBRIDGE converting to homeKIT, homeBRIDGE could be converting to HOMEY so that every device that is supported by homeBRIDGE could be controlled by HOMEY,

this looks like an weird suggestion until you learn that it’s already successfully been done by the link I posted (but instead of homey its converted to echo)

Must be the booze , I don’t get it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Is Knight2000 not already supported by homey :crazy_face:

You’re asking for “homebridge support”, so forgive me if I don’t understand immediately that what you actually mean is having Homey act as a HomeKit client.

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I fixed the title :sweat_smile:

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I may be wrong, but doesn’t homebridge allow your controller/hub (eg Homey or Fibaro) to BE controlled by Homekit. ie. you can use your Apple device to control or get information from your Homey Hub within Homekit.
As far as I am aware it does not allow Homekit devices (eg bulb or sensor) to be controlled from your Hub (eg Homey) does it?

If it does, then I agree it would be a big boon for Homey, as it then adds support for the whole Apple Homekit device ecosystem. Which consists of what…about 10 products? :grinning:

I know this will grow eventually, and would be more beneficial in the future, but for now, what products that are Homekit enabled are you trying to get controlled via Homey? It might be better to get these supported within Homey itself, then use the Homekit app already available here to add control to your Apple device.

No thats incorrect, homebridge allows devices like playstation, LG TV’s etc to be controlled by homekit or Amazon Echo

And i would love to have my devices natively controlled by Homey but who’s going to fix the plugins that don’t work ?

I bought Homey because of the Nello integration but to my surprise i can only open the door but ringing the door is not supported.

my LG C8 TV would be supported but the plugin doesn’t respond at all

I would love to see this fixed but i’m also realistic those are native Athom plugins and they are way to busy… i don’t see that happening soon.

that’s why i was hoping to bring in an external platform

Is he not talking about the app you’re working on Robert?
E.g. connect devices that work with Homekit to homey.

How’s that going by the way?

Seems super weird to me that no one seems to understand what @JB2K is asking here. I came here, because I searched as I was thinking the exact same thing.

The idea is absolutely fantastic, and would almost infinitely improve the functionality of Homey. Almost everything I could ever think of is already perfectly integrated in HomeBridge, so being able to forward that to Homey, would be a MASSIVE headache remover.

Actually, all the developers out there spending time on various different single integrations, would be spending their time much more efficiently by “just” integrating HomeBridge, as that would automatically integrate thousands of things in one go. It is a complete no-brainer to me to use all the coding that has already gone into HomeBridge already, instead of doing everything over. I know it is probably not that simple, but it should for sure be researched!

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Hello, wichich App uses thesame underlying modules that Homebridge uses? It seems for me that TV is not supportet, my Samsung TV is shown as switch and not as TV.

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I think all the Homekit implementations for Homey use the same underlying modules that Homebridge uses, but Homebridge works with separate plugins for different devices, and those are not supported. I can only comment on the Homeykit, which indeed doesn’t support TV’s.

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HomeBRIDGE will also make it possible again to control NEST thermostats and doorbells, etc.

In that case, direct support for NEST should also be possible with Homey (if the NEST app gets updated).

Well it is

But no one in the homey community has the knowledge or the time to build that for homey

The best way is just to support Homebridge like the
Homebridge-Alexa app that brings homebridge devices to Alexa

I’ll refer to your first line :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think that would be awesome!

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HomeKit Support on Homey Kinda sucks, my door sensors are shown as motion sensors