Home Pro 2023 is ... not the perfect device I hoped it would be

Hi, I have two Homey Pro 2023 and they are both super stable.


I use Homey Pro 2019 for multiple years now. I am 98% content.
I personally would have created a more industrial looking device and not something designed to be placed in plain sight.
I would have used a design like an 8 port half width 19" 1U switch.
A normal C13 power connector on the back with a fixed ethernet port and a multifunction display with indication of cpu, ram and storage usage could also be added on the front.
Detatchable antenna connectors with frequency optimised external onmi-directional antennas. Optional extention cables with directional or higher gain antennas.
Basically a far more industrial serious look for the core of a home automation solution.

The current reliability of the Homey Pro 2019 is very good. Dispite its weaker hardware and older software it is doing its job.
I cant comment on the Homey Pro 2023 yet. I will probably upgrade in 2024 or 2025 when my Homey Pro 2019 will reach 5 years in my house.

Hi Jeroen,

This topic is about issues with Pro 2023 model, not the Pro 2019.
Second, you should write your wishes/wants/needs to Athom support, writing here does not help.

and then… it’s going to explode :face_with_peeking_eye:? Why 5 years?

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Make sure that if your homey pro is connected via wifi, you only use 2,4 GHz band.
I had the same issue and found out that my wifi settings were set to 2,4GHz or 5GHz. Changed the wifi settings to 2,4 GHz only and the disconnected error message never showed up again.

Sorry for mixing 2019 and 2023 experiences.
A relative om mine is using the 2023 Pro and is very content. It replaces his previous Zipato solution and does this without any issues and adds lots of new options.

I work in IT with high end server and network solutions. My experience is that after 5 years of continues use hardware tends to become less reliable. Hardware failure is far more common with hardware older than 5 years. This doesn’t mean it will fail after 5 years, but the chance it will fail becomes greater and greater with increasing lifetime.

Using it till it dies is also an option, but I don’t know if this ruins the option to migrate to a new 2023 or maybe 2025 version.

Sorry for late reply. I went for this one (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B089GH5677/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1) ordered via Amazon. Both Cyberpower and APC are good and the small units very efficient. This unit has my main Orbi Router, a small NAS, Homey Pro, various Smart Home Hubs and gives around 1.5 hours of backup time should power fail. Obviously main benefit is clean power supply.

There are bigger and smaller versions available.
Hope that helps.

i hope that you have placed the UPS in a seperate secure space (e.g. not in the living, or bedroom), sometimes there are issues with the batteries, and than it is not healthy…

Most small home UPS units now use a Gel or Sealed Lead Acid type of battery and these days are very safe to place almost anywhere provide you dont block the fan vents that become active when it is running in battery mode. Some earlier units used the Lithium Ion/Polymer option and these need a bit more caution just in case but not seen any of these recently for home use.


Athom does support you. They check your Homey to see if any app is locking your system. True, they tend to close a ticket very quickly, but you can open it at any time. Keep contacting them.

I had a few flows that caused my Homey to disconnect often. These flows caused an event-loop which did not yield often to keep the network connection healthy. So connections dropped. I am an embedded systems programmer and I know what I am doing. These flows should not go in an infinite event-loop.

After rewriting the flows AND using the latest update AND removing the Miele Oven app (had a busy loop), helped and Homey works much better now. Wifi is kept alive now and no more disconnections. However, it is still not perfect. The flow execution framework suffers from race conditions that need to be fixed. Also the semantics of the flow framework should be made more clear.

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Hi there,

I also had the problem of a disconnecting Homey several times per minute. My homey was connected by wire. Wireless i had no problem. Homey did send me a new ethernet adapter but that didn’t solve the problem. I think i “had” a problem with the connecting USB-C cable. After replacing that cable my problem vanished. Hope it helps you too.

Had the same issues really thought of rolling back to the 2016 model, however is yours on wifi?
I bought on Ethernet adapter and since that time everything very stable.
I know the wifi should work but…

I had the same issue,
I am using wifi from ubiquiti. All my devices are working fine on it exept for my Homey.
Got a lot of time outs and long response times.
Changed the wifi to my ISP provided modem ( yes i know it is not the best) and then it works.
After the change i did not experienced any disconnects, time outs or long response times.

The Raspberry Pi board inside Homey is known to have issues with Ubiquiti Wi-Fi.

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Perhaps it might be a good idea then to change the topic title to a more nuanced one…? Like one that actually covers your problem i.e. :wink:


Let’s say different:
The raspberry perhaps doesn’t support all modern Wifi optimizations. But I had more trouble with a ESP32.
After deactivation of some settings like ‘fast roaming’ or ‘minimum rsi’ I had a stable WifiConnection for all SmartHome devices.

No, there are known issues with the CM4 WiFi module in combination with (mostly) Ubiquiti AP’s.

I haven’t :smiley:

All right :sunglasses:
I got the ESP working with reducing the Wifi optimization and hoped this could work with Homey, too :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I am normally inclined to leave these threads alone as a way for people to troubleshoot or discuss their issues.

BUT note that this thread is starting to become toxic, it looks like many people are starting to become frustrated.

This is within the Questions & Help topic, and while many people have offered help, there seems to be a lack of “Question” or appreciation from the OP on the help, so I am going to move this to a general discussion and just ask that everyone remain constructive.


Sorry to hear you have some problems. The offline issue was acknowledged and solved two weeks ago by Athom. Just change your router or Homey IP and power cycle.

It’s an amazing product, far ahead of the nerd alternatives in the market. With great support from this forum and from Athom.

The 2023 Homey pro is my third and I have it for a year now. Bought a Google tv Ethernet adapter right away. Already working with the latest technologies and integrations.

I didn’t have your problem and it’s not that I didn’t have some. Some caused by me, some resolved using this forum and some were resolved by Athom. The amount of information and support here is incredible.

In a complex environment with thousands of brands and standards I’m very comfortable saying you bought the right solution.

A more positive approach leads to a faster resolution. :wink:


I agree, Homey promissed that it communicates with more than 50,000 devices. In reality it is very limited. Sent an email to Athom, but no reply. There is no helpdesk, whilst many users may need support; you’re completely left in the dark. The apps don’t work (i.e. Woonveilig can only be switched on or off, but it cannot communicate with accessories), it does not communicate with many devices, (such as Nest Hub, only with the really expensive model). It seems an absolute waste of money. Is there anybody out there who can provide a serious manual for this device, showing what this device can do? I can only see what it cannot do.