Help needed with a Multisensor 6 for light during showering

I have installed a Multisensor 6 in my bathroom. It switches the lights when motion detected. I have a problem, when in the shower it does not detect motion (obviously) thru a glass door. So the lights go out.
How can I solve this?

Any suggestions?

How about adding a flow for temperature or humidity.

“Dont turn off if…” or “if humidity changes and humidity is over…” etc…
I would try a few different and see whats best…

Or just use more time on the timer…
If you have led lights, the difference in cost for 5 minutes and 30 minutes is very low.

I was thinking of that too, will try. Thanks. I have leds so you may be right but my wife feels it is a waste of energy (money)

But if I add a humidity sensor to it, and it does not switch of when motion detection switches off, how does the light switch off then later?

To a Multisensor 6?

No to the flow

This is gonna be a tough one. U don’t have the possibility to place the sensor in sight?

Renamed the topic to be more meaningful for readers

Why not add a door sensor?
I assume the bathroom door is closed while showering.

When movement detected turn light on.

… showering…

Detect the motion when going from the shower into the other part of the bathroom.
Turn the light off when the door is opened (while previous motion was detected) and closed.

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You could also look at adding temp sensor directly on the hot water pipe.

Then you would know exactly when the shower is on (and hot) and ensure that the light stays on.

Though as you already have a multi sensor in there that’s really going to be your best best, detecting the difference in humidity requires that you plug the multi sensor in.

Finally you could try a water leak sensor, put that into the shower, when water is detected turn on the lights, thats how they do it in the movies :

You could use a timer ( CountDown app ) to reset a timer for your light. So when there is motion or when the humidity changes above 60% or higher you can reset the timer to 5 minutes or less. When the timer reaches zero you then turn off the lights. Using the insights for your multisensor you can determine for your situation what the ideal humidity threshold is in your bathroom. Mine looks like this

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As i am planning to rebuild our bathroom and fit it with a multisensor 6, I will encounter the same issue.

I see two options:

  1. As mentioned above, a flow AS motion is detected THEN turn on the light/stop timer -> If motion has stopped THEN start countdown timer (5min) -> IF countdown empty THEN switch off lights

Parallel to this flow you do the same with humidity

IF humidity is raised above… then (and so on)

Only you (or I later on :wink: ) have to find a way of doing this in a way that those flows don’t start to interfere with each other.

  1. Maybe the most straightforward solution.

Position the multi sensor against the ceiling exactly above the shower’s glass wall (I don’t know how your bathroom layout is). So it will detect motion inside the shower as well as outside the shower in the bathroom.

My personal solution to this problem was to place an Amazon Echo, in my bathroom.

Yes I know it sound weird, but when you think about it, a bathroom is the best place in the house to have hands free voice command /weather / traffic / calendar / music - and (in my case) the ability to turn on the bathroom fan once someone is in the shower and has forgotten. But the same applies to a light.

yes this works.

I added door sensor so light will only turn off when door is closed. I’m assuming you have habit of closing the door.

I have a similar setup, but my motion detector does not cover the entire bathroom… so that causes my problem.
The Multsensor 6 reports every 5 minutes.
Have a couple of flows:

  1. Motion detected, switch all lights on
  2. If no motion for 10 minutes, Motion detector will switch to off, switch off all lights
  3. Humidity over x %, turn ventilation and mirror heating on
  4. Humidity under x %, turn ventilation and mirror heating off

Better to switch fan on a humidity sensor

It’s a hard situation, the bathroom.
What if u walk in, taking a leak and go outside?
The light will stay on for 10 minutes. We don’t want that.
What if u sit down on the toilet and stay there for a while?
Lights will go off.
So we need presence detection!

The wasp in a box -> doorsensor ftw!

How about one sensor in the bathroom and one on the outside.

The light cant go off unless there has been movement on the outside.
(activate a boolean tag when you detect movement in the bathroom and deactivate the tag when there is movement on the outside).

You also cant turn off the light when the humidity is over a set percentage (detect shower).

Also you need a minute or two to detect new motion on the bathroom if someone else moves outside the door and the humidity is too low for that flow to activate.

It sounds better in my thoughts, I’m not that good at getting the thoughts out …

The more complicated you make things the simpler it is for them to break, ie someone walks by the bathroom while someone is in the shower.

But your on the right track, ie the use of Bayesian Probability. Take lots of input and determine the probability of something being true. While this is used generally to determine whether someone is ‘at home’, the same theory applies to whether someone is in the shower. Its pretty commonly used in HASS setups, and the same theory applies.