Has anyone seen this: "On entry number is anumber" and "Action already busy anumber+1"

Hi Community,

I have a Robb 8 button switch, and lately, when I press a button I get messages in the sys log and things do not work as expected.

Has anyone seen this and knows what it is and how to fix it?

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 08.40.42

Which “sys log” do you mean? Can you show a screenshot?

Hi Robert,

I only have the included screenshot. It says (Sys) Log, but maybe it isn’t?

That’s the Simple (Sys) Log app, so it’s either an issue with that app or you created log entries in flows that are causing this.

Yes, thanks.
Could be that the Robb app/device fires multiple times when I press a button on it’s device? I’ll see who maintains that app.

From what I know, you’re the one that added those log messages to certain flows, so I fail to see how the Robb app is causing this.

I removed the card that logs from the flow. There are only 2 flows. I included them. Still the messages appear.

Screenshot 2023-11-25 at 13.12.42

FYI, I have logged another topic with a question if it could be possible that there are old flows still active that not appear in the flow list, but that do still work. As I see strange things happening.

Did you PTP already?

No, I’ll try that

Send a message to the time line directly after the trigger, and you will know.

Homey still unplugged, but is that something that is recommended to do regularly, like every month or so?

Only when you have persistent issues I think.

Alright, my bad! I had forgotten about a flow. Thanks for the help!

Hint: you can add the flowname in Simple Log cards, I even add the flowname to every kind of informational cards.
No way I can remember all of my flows :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: