Gosund SP111 WiFi Plug

I cannot manage to use Gosund SP111 Wifi Plug with my HP2023. I have added the plug to my Tuya Smart on android device, but how can I use it with Homey? I have checked Tuya IoT platform, but it is too difficult for me to understand, how I can manage with getting API key and secret key. Is it really necessary?
Maybe You can give me some better smart-plug proposals, cause I cannot use my Blitzwolf SHP-13 Zigbee (test version of Tuya Zigbee did not manage to add it)?

I think you wrote the answer already.
Just buy stuff which is supported, to be found in the app store.

Great tip. Thank You :slight_smile:
I already bought Blitzwolf and it should be supported, but it is not.

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That’s the problem with zigbee devices from Tuya, and Tuya whitelabel brands: the same models, from different batches can have different firmware, so it’s always a gamble if they will ‘match’ with the app or not…

The system with the most supported zigbee devices is zigbee2mqtt in my humble opinion.
But you’ll need an rpi or a thin client, and a €25 zigbee dongle

For Blitzwolf SHP13 (zigbee) is it possible to use this app?
Homey App Zigbee2MQTT

Yes, but you’ll also need additional hardware, as I mentioned above rour reply :wink:
I run HA + zigbee2mqtt and use the Home Assistant Community app, which is very neat and packed with features and smart ideas.

I have HA with Zigbee USB dongle on Dell Wyse, but I thought that I can leave it and use HP2023 alone.
So, I need to use SHP-13 via MQTT Broker on my HA and I cannot use it directly on Homey? Bit strange for me, but I am not an expert.

Gosund SP111 is WiFi power plug, so first I should change its firmware to Tasmota and then I can use Tuya Cloud application on Homey, right? On my android smartphone I have now access to Gosund via Tuya Smart app and it is working ok.

I believe you, but still for me it is hard to believe that thing can’t be added as Homey general zigbee device (while you don’t need an app for a basic OnOff zigbee device).
Try keeping it very close to Homey when starting the pair process.

How many devices did you pair already? Like the number of mains powered devices and battery powered ones?

Also check if (your) wifi signals don’t interfere with zigbee

It is working as generic device, but for me the most important part is power metering.

I understand. When you have the test version of Tuya Zigbee installed, try to ‘interview’ the socket using the developer page. It sometimes ‘unlocks’ capabilities which weren´t discovered during pairing, maybe the Tuya Z app recocnizes the socket afterwards.

Ok. So now I have managed to link my Blitzwolf SHP-13 via Z2M bridge on my Home Assistant. I have power, cur. power, voltage visible.

I have managed to get my Gosund SP-111 via Tuya Cloud on Homey (linked via Tuya Smartlife to IoT platform), but - I haven’t got anything beside CuRRENT POWER.

How it is possible to add more parameters? Is it possible? When I am debbuging in IoT I can see more parameters.

Yes it’s possible, but you’d use the ‘Raw commands’ to acquire the other available values, and an extra virtual device

Here’s an advanced virtual device with a flow, and it’s importable as well: