Blitzwolf BW-SHP15 / Tuya App dont update

Hi all,
i have the Blitzwolf BW-SHP15 but the Energy measuring doesn’t Work.
I think the issue istcaused because of the Installation. It was not recognized as a tuya Plug. It was installed as a generic zigbee Plug.
But my tuya App ist still the Version 0.1.45 but in the App changelog should the latest Version bei 0.2.18.
Can anybody Help?
Thank you

Here’s all info you need, incl. a link to the test version

You can find links to this kind of info, at the bottom of the app’s app store page, if it is provided for by the developer(s).


Also, when you want to install the test version of an app, just hit the ‘Test’ icon, and hit ‘install’ after that.

just add /test at the end of the app store URL, and press enter, then hit ‘install’.

When there’s no ‘Test’ icon, or the URL changes back (/test disappears again), there simply is no test version available at that time.


Hi Peter_Kawa,
you are my Hero!!!
Thank you very much.
I’ve tried and IT works very well.

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Thank you :slight_smile: it works perfectly.

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