Howto connect Blitzwolf SHP13 with metering in HP2023?

I would like to receive an email when my washing machine has finished. So I bought an Blitzwolf SHP13 plug, that has a high max throughput.

The Tuya app (v.0.1.45) does not recognize the plug (and installs a general Zigbee device without energy metering). On the community Forum people manage to have a Blitzwolf SHP13 running on their homey pro when they use ‘the test version’ of the Tuya app. But that test version is not compatible with the 2023 HP model.

a) Did someone get combination this running with HP2023? Tips are very welcome.

b) Any experience with another (>3.000 Watt) plug with energy metering that is compatible with HP2023?

Kind regards, Lud

Did you take a look at the test page of that Tuya page?

This is the test page of version 0.1.45 (0.2.12}



@Mike1233 , yes that did the trick!! Not really sure if I read the ‘not compatible’ message close enough before, but this one was clear enough and lead to the test version of the app (v 0.2.12). I installed it on my Homey Pro 2023 and now the plug got recognized, including metering. Thank you very much

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