Google Nest SDM

@Martin_Verbeek Is version 7.2.3 supposed to work on the Homey Pro Early 2023?

I found a way to download the source code through the Community Store (:nerd_face:), but when I’m trying to install that version on my Pro 2023, it doesn’t validate and complains about invalid capabilities.

Yes I have it running myself on a HP2023

Martin Verbeek


For some reason the custom capabilities we not available in the in package. I created them myself, and now everything is working on the HP2023.

Awesome! This was the last app that missing on my new Pro. :tada:

Could your share the “how to”

@wesley_w I think @Martin_Verbeek doesn’t want to share his code publicly.

I modified the HCS app a bit so it enables me to download the community apps. I then installed the app from CLI.

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too bad we are doomed to the HCS…

Maybe there will be SDK3 HCS version within next two weeks. Maybe.

HCS 3.3.0 with SDK 3 is released, please install it with the desktop installer


Yes installed HCS and NEST SDM it found my devices immediate.


Where do I find de destkop installer? I only see the V2.2.1 on Homey Community Store

Just use the installer 1.0 - it will install latest 3.3.0 version

*edit: I tried to refresh the app in Homey Apps, I now got a report that the app crashed.
Thanx, it worked! I created my first flow with the doorbell, chime over sonos, but it doesn’t work. I was able to add the nest doorbell, but the flow triggers don’t seem to work.
What am I doing wrong?

super hard to get this working, got homey offline and pointing to my homey which is shutdown and on login to homey, I don’t get a token in chrome.

got it working by removing my old homey from accounts.

I reinstalled the app and now it is up and running. When I press the Doorbell the chime over Sonos has a delay tot about 5 seconds. Is this normal or is there a solution for this?

I think it depends on whether you are using a S1 or S2 Sonos device. With the S2 devices, you can use the “Play an Audio Clip” card in the Athom Sonos app, which is much faster than the normal Play card.

So please tell us which sonos device and which Play card do you use to play the sound?

Quick question and want to check if it is App(android app) related or NSD App related.

Issue 1:
When choosing my doorbell in the drop down menu there are only two events - Chime and Motion. As i remember correctly there was also an option - Person and Sound (4 options) I have the same for my outdoor camera there are also only two options instead of 3 (Sound, Motion, Person)

Issue 2:
I cannot select the second option. So in the picture below it is on Last Motion. But when I select last Chime it does no change. I can change the selection when using the browser so this is probably a APP/Android problem.

I am looking into the first issue at the moment.

The second is a Homey app issue, i have reported this two weeks back

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