Google lntegration lost and can not be repaired (other then reboot modem / router / Homey): Athom is aware

Hi there,

I have a clue what is triggering this error situation. I think it is caused by Rithum. Issue with refreshing Rithum descriptions (regarding updates on Var tags)

See topic about the refresh rate of Rithum, latest version (3.2) where you can use variables in the descriptions. Cool if it works, but it doesn’t quite yet).

Rebooting my router solves the problem with Google, which eliminates the ‘internal error’ situation. However, 1 or 2 days later, it is back.

I have reported this also at Rithum support, so if you experience the situation above mentioned, AND you use Rithum, let’s follow the progress on that (Rithum) end.

To be continued.


UPDATE 24-12-23: I have deactivated the functionalitry in Rithim and the Homey-Google connection still is lost after some hours after rebooting the Modem/Router. So it seems there is no direct connection between the Google issiuee and Rithum 3.2.