Get a notification when the washingmachine is ready

Gonna do that after this weekend. First i have to practise some carnaval for next week. If someone else feels fancy to do the round thingie multiplied with the 25 cents of the kwh costs, plz feel free to do so. Takes me some days to think clear again. :wink:


We must in the test now fine tuning but at the moment we have the dutch logfile or pushup:

2019-02-25 01:05:22 De wasbeurt kostte deze keer 0.127 eurocent (new EUR 0.13)
2019-02-25 01:05:22 De wasmachine heeft 0.51 kWh verbruikt.

2019-02-25 01:05:22 De wasmachine heeft 0.5099999999999998 kWh gebruikt (this rule can gone)

2019-02-25 01:05:18 Wasmachine lijkt gereed te zijn 4.01 kWh
2019-02-24 23:40:40 Wasmachine start 3.5 kWh

The same happens with my washer. I solved this by running a delayed second flow which check again if the washer really is off.
Flow 1: If power goes below 5 watts and boolean value washingmachineON is true, run Flow 2 after 60 seconds.
Flow 2: If power is below 5 watts and washingmachineON is true, send notification, set boolean value false, turn off power on plug.

I now have the following for rounding up the kWh number and calculating the costs, works fine!
The kWh price will also change during the day based on the normal and evening price.
This will not be 100% accurate when the machine is running during the switching of the price, but I thought it was still a nice touch.:slight_smile:

Credits for rouding the kWh number goes to @Rocodamelshekima, I found it in another topic.

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That’s the one, cheers! There is still an issue with flows which are disabled still running when “this flow was triggered “ as a trigger. Issue is made alr by @bvdbos

Thanks @Rocodamelshekima for this post. Despite developing a number of different flows this use had not occurred to me. Great idea and works fab! Thank you

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Adjusted the 3rd post for the actual cost of a laundry cycle.

Just for my understanding. You use the countdown just as a check for it to compensate for possible errors in the power reading, right?

Well, like @Caseda mentioned before: a lot of machines have some pauses in the cycle. The timer is there to prevent false notifications.

Which power plugs are u guys using?

I have tried Innr and Fibaro but both cut out after x minutes into the washing cycle. My assumption is that my washing machine temporarily requires a peak load of power that goes above 2300 (Innr) or 2500 (Fibaro) W. Washing machine is a Samsung Ecobubble (approx. 5 years old).

Fibaro here. Also on an Eco Bubble aprox 5 years old

For me fibaro switched off but neo coolcam works.

I’m using the Innr SP 120 also with a Samsung ecobubble machine. First i measured the peak powerusage of the machine during a few washing cycles with an old (not smart) powermetering plug. The result was it never got above 2050w so i could use the Innr SP 120 without problems.
It’s working for a few months now and never switched off.

Thanks. Think i am going to give neo coolcam a try…

Just to let you know, with the Neo Coolcam switch it seems to be working. No more cut outs.

Can you explain how you made the variabel wasdrogerstart

The explanation on how to make a variable is in the opening post. The use of that variable is a few posts below the opening post.

:thinking: I am struggling with the flow for getting a notification when the washingmachine is ready (in combination with a Fibaro wallplug) for quite some time now. I prefer to make flows without using any additional apps. I looked at the posts in the forum and tried some of the flows but it keeps giving false positives. It looks like my washingmachine (Miele) has several ‘energy drops’ during the program where the energy goes below the status that it has at the end of the program so a flow based on energy does not work.
@Rocodamelshekima (or anyone else): do you have any other tips or is the only possibility to make a working flow by downloading additional apps?

This flows will most likely not run without the additional apps. Due to the false positives u alr mentioned.

i understund how to make the wasmachineb and the wasmachine countdowntime. I was wondering how to make the wasmachinestart.
So i can do the math for price of one wash.