Get a notification when the washingmachine is ready

Thanks, I was looking for this. And I completely missed your reply.
Maybe @Rocodamelshekima can include this into the example? :innocent:

As I am a newby and only developed a few simple flows so far, what’s the logic behind adding the counter, boolean and better logic cards? My simple thought was just saying 'If power is below xx watts, then ‘washing machine’ is ready and notify via push notification.

Because the machine draws varying amounts of power depending on the cycle and what stage the cycle is…

The logic cards and timers allow for checking that there hasnt been a power change in x amount of time therefore we know for sure its stopped

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Excellent! So basically, the way motion sensors need to be included in light flows.


That can be added. That’s what the reserved posts are for :wink:

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Oh, I just forgot… There something else that would make this flow even more practical.
The start of an action (sound, push notification etc) when someone comes home after the machine is finished.
I started looking for this flow after I have forgotten to empty the washingmachine and dishwasher…
So I made a Better Logic variable “dishwasher empty” and in flow 3 I have made a Then card setting the boolean to False.
I have modified my coming home flow to check if the boolean is set to false and notify me :smile:
Edit: Now I just need something cool/ handy/ logical to set the boolean to true. I might use a cheap aqara switch or cube for this.

I have a TKB powerplug. When washingmachine is done, i switch the plug off to prevent unnecessary power ussage. That can trigger Homey to log that the machine is empty.

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That’s so simple. It’s great! This will work for my washer and dryer!

Or oven
Or garden sprinklers

have you created 2 different beter logic boolean variables?

Yeah that was a bit of a silly comment of me. Obviously, it works for everything.
What I was trying to say was that I can reach my plugs that have the washer and dryer attached. The dishwasher is a lot harder to reach. So I have ordered the Xiaomi Magic Cube for this :slight_smile:

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Correct. Before that I sometimes got a ready notification at night when we set a delayed start to the machine to make in start in the early morning. I don’t know why exactly but apparently this caused some minor power changes (or it was a measuring fault, not sure). That’s why I wanted Homey to know if the machine was actually running or not. Perhaps you don’t need this for your setup, just try it out :slight_smile:

Added here. Will add screenies later.

This is now working yet:
Wasmachine lijkt gereed te zijn 2.78 kWh
Wasmachine start 2.51 kWh

The power new flows is not yet working, when there are pictures i can control if i make a mistake

I did this with my Samsung washingmachine, which is already smart. Connected it to IFTTT and my webhook on Homey, then send a message through Telegram and have Homey pronounce that the washing machine is ready :slight_smile:

The way I use it is ony taking up 2 flows and no additional timers or apps needed.

Basically, I have a flow that measures the starting of the washingmachine, then I disable this flow and enable the 2nd flow that measures if the washing machine is done.

1st flow triggers when powerusage is above 50 Watts and under 4000. The under 4000 is to filter out false measurement spikes from the neo plug.
I then disable flow 1, and enable flow 2.
2nd flow measure is power is under 3 watts and if so, it is done. I then disable this flow again, and enable the 1st flow again.

For my washingmachine and dryer this works perfectly and no false positives at all.


Lots of washing machines have several pauses during its cycle, my washing machine has this 3 times, my dishwasher has even 6 pauses, so this two flow way is not possible for everyone (like me).

Mine does that to. But only when it is really done it gets under 3 watts. During the end, its 5 watts with periods. But indeed, it depends on the machine a lot!

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Hi Willybits, i was going to post my 2 flow way but you beat me to it. Looks like i made the same two flows like you and with my Samsung washing machine this is working perfectly for months now.

It is working, the logfile in the dutch:
2019-02-22 00:00:57 De wasmachine heeft 0.6300000000000003 kWh gebruikt

2019-02-22 00:00:53 Wasmachine lijkt gereed te zijn 3.45 kWh

2019-02-21 22:30:55 Wasmachine start 2.82 kWh

So we now can make that the answer three numbers behind the comma and it would be nice a rule the price of the wash was : EUR xx cent.

All the credits to @Rocodamelshekima

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