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Laundry ready flow doesn`t work properly


since a few days i have a smartplug with power measurement, i want to use that to let me know when the washingmachine is ready and then to receive and message on my phone.

I made a boolean named WasmachineB en a timer called Wasmachine (With better logic and countdown app)

I`m using these flows:

When power changed
And ‘Power’ is greater then 80
Then Set boolean variable ‘WasmachineB True’
Stop a timer ‘Wasmachine’

When the power has changed
And ‘Power’ is less then 10
Then Set boolean variable ‘WasmachineB False’
Start / update a timer ‘Wasmachine 80’

When a specific timer has finished ‘Wasmachine’
And ‘Better logic’ is ‘False WasmachineB’
Then Say something ‘De wasmachine is klaar.’
Send a push notification to my phone ‘De wasmachine is klaar.’

when i enable these flow is get on random times messages that the washingmachine is ready, even when it`s not turned on. What am i doing wrong? Can somebody help me.

You have to add a check in the AND coloms:


When power changed
And ‘Power’ is greater then 80 AND variable WasmachineB=false
Then Set boolean variable ‘WasmachineB True’
Stop a timer ‘Wasmachine’

When the power has changed
And ‘Power’ is less then 10 AND variable WasmachineB=true
Then Set boolean variable ‘WasmachineB False’
Start / update a timer ‘Wasmachine 80’

This to prevent the timer to run when power changed from 9 to 8 f.e. Or from 2 to 1.

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Could you post the actual flows?
Trying to get this to work, but I’m in difficulty

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That worked perfectly for me! Thanks for that. Now i only have 1 problem, with my dryer, when it`s done it spins at every 5 minutes or so. So then i get this messages like 3 times before i can hang up my wash.

Is it possible to give me 1 message after it`s done and then ignore the other spins?

Could you provide an insights log of that moment?

I uploaded the log of the last hour.


The big spike is the next drying started.

I’m sorry but this data is not usable.
All values are stuck against the date values.

It’s readable. Standby usage is about 4.x watt and at 20.26 the device turns on again? Then I’d make a countdown timer which starts a 2 minute timer if the usage drops below 5 watt and if after two minutes the usage is still below 5 you may assume it stopped…


i`ve uploaded a new better 1.


I put in some text when the dryer was finisht en what the sdryer is doing in the minutes when its ready. It looks like every minute the dryer is turning the wash. But also this every minute homey gives me a message in the flow in the TS.

Does it stop spinning after that? If that’s the case then set the timer in the 2nd flow to 180

No it’s some function ( anti wrinkle) of the dryer for the clothing. So every 30 seconds i get an message because my last card in the flow is sending me an message on the mobile and homey in the livingroom talks that the dryer is ready.

So it keeps spinning untill u open the machine?
Then set the timer to 180 and the power in the first flow to 350.

Yes thats right. I will try that!, aah i see what you did there, when the dryer is ready the power don’t peaks over 350. Stupid that i didny think of this. The dryer is on stm so i will soon know of it works! Thanks for the help

Anytime, that’s what this community is all about! Let us know if it works ok.

I can say that it works perfectly now!

Very nice :muscle: