Flows controlling Hue lights only partially executed

Since a few weeks many of my time triggered flows that activate/start flows controlling Hue lights are only partially executed. When I manually trigger the flow I see the same issue. If I trigger the same flow several times in a row ultimately all lights end up in the desired state.

I have a Homey Pro 2023, which I installed several months ago and is a marked improvement over the Homey Pro 2019 in terms of responsiveness. However, after a few months above mentioned issue appeared and my enthusiasm for the Homey Pro 2023 has somewhat diminished. I never experienced this issue with the Homey Pro 2019.

My attempts so far to resolve this are to reboot the Hue Bridge (unplug power, wait a minute, reconnect power) and restart the Hue app within Homey. I am not using Matter, which I have read quite a bit about, but am not sure whether this would resolve the issue. It’s also not clear whether switching to Matter (and dropping the Homey Hue app) will result in losing any functionality. I’m also not using any smart flows.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Sounds like you’re hitting an issue that Homey has had for many years now (and which seems to be unsolvable by Athom), namely that Homey is unable to reliably control multiple devices at the same time.

The workaround is that you introduce delays in between the actions, so “turn on light 1” directly, then “turn on light 2” with a small delay, then “turn on light 3” with a somewhat bigger delay, etc.

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Many thanks for the very quick response! How small can the delay be to overcome this Homey issue? Do fractions of seconds work?

Not sure if you can set anything shorter than 1-second delays.

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Thanks Robert, this fix works. Fractions of seconds are indeed not supported.

Do you (or anyone else) have any views as to the Matter question?

You’d have to try, but since this issue happens across protocols (at least WiFi and Zigbee) I doubt Matter will work better.

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Additional workarounds: