Firmware release 12.0.0

Does anyone know when firmware 12.0.0 will be released for Homey Pro (Early 2023)? In the documentation it is already mentioned (and necessary for my app), but it is not mentioned in the changelog. It also isn’t mentioned in this post about their roadmap. Does anyone know if they post an actual roadmap somewhere?

Athom usually doesn’t mention date’s,
There probably will be a RC (Experimental) in the near future and a stable when they think it is ready for it.

Only way, Ask Athom Support…

also use Developers on Athom Slack:

(And read the 2nd last alinea…)

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I guess I missed the announcement from Athom to all developers that these new device classes are coming, so I can prepare my apps for it. Or they forgot due to all the champagne.


If it’s required for your app, remember it will take a while before it’s adopted by users after it us released, so relying on it will limit the user base for the app.
I wouldn’t use anything new for at least a few months after it is released, maybe even 6 months.

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Thanks! I didn’t publish my app yet, so currently I’m the only user. And since I can’t get it to work with the current capabilities and classes I have to try something at least…

Classes are relatively meaningless, so it sounds like you’re trying to solve an XY problem.

What specific issue do you have?

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Oh, I have a lot of issues :rofl:

Some of the are:

  1. User's choice of status indicator doesn't work
  2. How do I use uiQuickAction?
  3. I can’t seem to get booleans to be logged in Insights (even though the documentation says that this capability option is available for all capabilities, and there’s even dedicated options for insightsTitleTrue and insightsTitleFalse, which indicates that they should be able to be shown in Insights…)

I’m hoping at least issue #1 could be solved by not using the class I’m using. But in general there seems to be a lot of hidden limitations to different classes and components, so maybe some of my other issues will be solved also?

  1. Already explained why (if you have added a target_temperature capability to your app and it doesn’t show, make sure to re-pair the device, capabilities aren’t added dynamically to existing devices unless you either re-pair or use Device#addCapability).
  2. Also explained.
  3. Booleans are not logged to Insights, regardless of what the documentation suggests.

And yes, there are a lot of hidden limitations, sadly. I’m not sure how the new device classes will be implemented UI-wise, but they probably won’t solve any of your issues.

Thanks Robert! I will still keep my hopes up that at least #1 will be solved with the heat pump class. Thanks for the tips on adding the capabilities! For sure it could have to do with my problem, but I have actually repaired and used Device#addCapability at least a hundred times, so that’s not the issue for me. Not even the target temperature shows up in the indicator, but the capabilities do show up correctly in the Thermostat UI Component.

Either way, I’ll keep my hopes up that Athom has been smart enough to actually implement the status indicator that they let the user choose on the heatpump class…

They do get logged, but it’s only shown at the device settings log tab :man_shrugging::woozy_face:

Also, the dev of the Device Capabilities app, found a way to actually show boolean values in insights

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Interesting! I’ll see if I can find how it’s done in the code. Perhaps I can steal that solution to my own app… #stealwithpride :smiley:

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It convert value in 0 and 1?


Here’s the reply from Athom support:

There is no Firmware 12.0.0., these capabilities are still in development. Meaning Development is putting these on the roadmap for a future update. As of right now there is no saying if this is the next update or if it will take a while.

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I’m not sure why they couldn’t just tell you “wait a few days”, but today the release candidate for Firmware 12.0.0 was made available and includes those new device types:

Homey Pro (Early 2023) Changelog | Homey

Adds support for new device classes (see developer documentation).