How do I use uiQuickAction?


I’m trying to develop my first Homey app. I have manged to add an alarm that goes off at a certain event. I’d like the user to be able to reset the alarm. The alarm is currently added as such:

    "type": "boolean",
    "title": { "en": "Filter change needed" },
    "getable": true,
    "setable": true,
    "uiComponent": "sensor",
    "uiQuickAction": "true",
    "icon": "/assets/icon.svg",
    "insights": true,
    "insightsTitleTrue": { "en": "Filter change needed" },
    "insightsTitleFalse": { "en": "Filter OK" }

I have managed to find the capability uiQuickAction (Capabilities | Homey Apps SDK), but I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to use it? I.e. where is the user supposed to click to activate it? And where do I put the code to be executed on that quick action?

Thanks to anyone that cares to help a beginner…

I believe the quick action can only be used with a toggle. A sensor can only be changed by code.
Maybe add a button that resets the alarm.

When the quick action is applied, it means the user can tap on the tile in the devices list to toggle the capability, hence only applying to buttons.

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So as a newbie with Homey SDK (and programming in general) I just don’t understand how you know these things? Is there documentation that I didn’t find yet?