Run iOS Shortcut

Hi there,

how to trigger an iOS Shortcut using homey? I want to set my alarm etc. when pressing a hue tap button.

With a virtual device:
In Homey when hue tap is tapped (on) set virtual device on
In homekit when virtual device is on do ios shortcut.

So I have to use HomeKit? Do I need a homebridge?

No, look here…

I want to do it the other way around. Triggering a shortcut from homey. Not triggering homey from shortcut

Any ideas?

I use the Email Sender app to send an email in my flow to my own email address. In Apple Shortcuts, I set up a personal automation to start a shortcut when I receive an email.

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Thanks for this idea. I tried it and the test worked well but using the app in flows no mail arrives. Even a restart didn’t work. Tried also different mails and settings

Can you send a screenshot of the flow? I have no problems with it.

Interesting method! I was looking into starting iOS shortcuts from homey too, to be able to launch a specific Apple TV app + light scene set in homey upon talking to my google home hub (yes, its a bit of a process; google home triggers homey flow, homey flow triggers iOS shortcut that activates an Apple TV app) since I don’t have an apple HomePod. This method adds an email to that flow, but it sounds like it should manage exactly what I need it to!

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@Hamzty, maybe this thread has some tips for you.
It has similarities with your question and maybe a few solutions you can adopt.
Please read the whole thread to understand what solution they’re trying to solve.

For anyone else finding this thread looking for inspiration, I have yet another approach working. It relies on having an iOS device permanently powered and unlocked at home but I have an old iPad mini I use as a dashboard which fits the bill.

I have the charger of the iPad plugged in via a smart plug which is left switched on. When I want to trigger a shortcut from Homey I power the smart plug off and on again a second later. Then I can use a personal automation on the iPad triggered by the phone being taken off the charger.

Since this allows one shortcut to be run, I then have that shortcut call back to Homey via a local API call using the Local API app to request the name of the shortcut to run. This is passed back on response to the API call and the first shortcut then launched the ‘target’ one as instructed.

It sounds like a lot but the whole process takes well under 2 seconds so is perfectly fine for many use cases. It also has the advantage of no cloud dependency, no extra app etc which in my experience were the two biggest causes of failures when I used to use to achieve the same thing.