Run iOS Shortcut

Hi there,

how to trigger an iOS Shortcut using homey? I want to set my alarm etc. when pressing a hue tap button.

With a virtual device:
In Homey when hue tap is tapped (on) set virtual device on
In homekit when virtual device is on do ios shortcut.

So I have to use HomeKit? Do I need a homebridge?

No, look here…

I want to do it the other way around. Triggering a shortcut from homey. Not triggering homey from shortcut

Any ideas?

I use the Email Sender app to send an email in my flow to my own email address. In Apple Shortcuts, I set up a personal automation to start a shortcut when I receive an email.

Thanks for this idea. I tried it and the test worked well but using the app in flows no mail arrives. Even a restart didn’t work. Tried also different mails and settings

Can you send a screenshot of the flow? I have no problems with it.