IOS shortcuts app crashes when choosing homey. Bug?

Hi everyone

Basically the same issue as mentioned here:

I’m trying to create an automation that when i silence my alarm, the curtain opens and some music starts playing. I do this from the apple shortcuts app on my iphone:
Automation → New Automation → Alarm → Is stopped, execute immediately → next
If i the choose the homey app to select the flow I want to use, shortcuts crashes.

The issue mentioned above suggests a workaround, but from what I have been reading so far I think this should just work without any workarounds.

Are there more of you having this issue? Could it be a bug?

Shortcuts crashes for m2 every time I try to select Homey. So must be a bug

Update: Since the latest update of the homey app, it doesn’t crash anymore.
Now I can choose New automation → alarm (when alarm is turned off) → Start Homey Flow.
Unfortunately, I don’t see an option to choose the flow I want it to start.
So, some progress, but still no working automation.

Any hints/tips/solutions?

You favorited some flows, right?

Yes, the flow I want to use is favorited. I unfavorited and favorited it again just to be sure, but that doesn’t make a difference.