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Set uiQuickAction to false on onoff capability

Hi, I am trying to create an app that should have the “onoff” capability.
But I want to stop it from being triggered from the “home screen”, only want to trigger it when the user is in the app and device - for custom capabilities, this works if we set the “uiQuickAction”: false. but this is not possible it seems on the normal “onoff”.

I have tried creating an own “onoff” and use that instead - and that works - down ide with that is that f.ex. Google home do not register my device as an onoff device and I can not talk to it.

I tested both with button and toggle types.

Any ideas - also fine if I could track from where it was triggered so i could dismiss it myself in code (on button this seem to work but not toggle).


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I have the same desire. I want to use the default onoff capability but it should not be a quickaction. In fact, I want locked to be the quickaction. I can’t find a way to do that.