Fibaro Shutter 3 problem with "group" application

Hello, one of my Fibaro Shutter 2 was dead so I bought a new one but it was a Fibaro Shutter 3. The inclusion was ok, it is working but I cannot add it to the application “Group” with my others Fibaro Shutter 2, can you help me? Thanks a lot and merry christmas!!!

Shutter 2:

Shutter 3:

The Fibaro RS3 doesn’t support the capability windowcoverings_state (Up / Stop / Down), as shown in the second screenshot from the RS2.
Because I don’t own a RS3 I don’t know if the RS3 uses the capability dim or windowcoverings_set (Dimmlevel). If it supports the capability dim, you can group them with the dim feature.

Thanks for your reply fantross, it is a little a shame :frowning: