Fibaro RGBW Controller 2

I cannot find support for Fibaro’s rgbw controller 2. Anyone who knows if there are any plans to implement that and if so, what’s the timeline?

Must have been asleep, didn’t even know they made a new one :joy:
but anyway, Athom never works with a timeline, if there are enough people that request it (click!) they will implement it fast, if not a lot of people request it, it will not get implemented fast.

Or of course a community member can write support for it.

EDIT: quick google makes it almost the same as the old rgbw controller, just added scene activation for all 4 inputs and security 2 (which Homey doesn’t support, yet), don’t see that enough reason for the extra 15 euro’s that it costs

Thanks for the input Caseda!

The request link seems broken “Dynamic Link Not Found”, any other link in stock? :slight_smile:

I made the mistake to assume it was supported and I have already bought the controllers. Not sure if I can return them now when they’re already used…

Do I understand you right that the RGBW controller 2 requires a security level that is not yet supported on the Homey? If so, I guess it will not be solved soon. If not, would you have any guidance what would be needed to the existing currently supported controller device code, clone and make the needed changes for it to work?

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It doesn’t need it, any device can be included unsecure, just means the data between Homey and the device is less secure then it could be, but for a light I guess isn’t too too important.
I’ve fixed the link in my original post, guess the shortened links are temporary.

Ps, I’m not the main developer, only been contributor

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Are there some solutions for this?

I have 8 of them and can’t use them with the homey

I just bought the previous RGBW Controller. Maybe you can return them?

I don’t can bring them back.
So I hope that someone come with a solution.

There are only 2 solutions, create your own driver, or create a device request at the developer of the app, which is in this case Athom

I already did a device request bud i hope more wil do the request!
I’m not a developer so i hop this community wil help as well for a solution.

I’ve just hit the request link as well.

Also, forked the Fibaro repo and started exploring adding support for the controller 2 myself, comfortable coding but no experience with z-wave or how i go about working out what changes are required form the original controller.

Found some info here re command classes:

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!


Nice shaz,

I hope you will find it. I have try to unther stand what is in the commons classes bud sorry I’m just a noob

@GvanDongen From what I can see, support has since been added to the Fibaro app.


I can’t find it in the app my version is v.2.2.8.
I only see RGBW Controller no RGBW Controller v2

And it is not in the supported devices list.

You’re right. I must have gotten it confused with the Dimmer 2 somehow when I checked :crazy_face:
However, both products seem to have the same product ID, and I’ve read about people successfully using v2 with Homey. With the same product ID, the existing Homey driver should pick up the device.

Cannot add the RGBW controller V2 as well… Its product code is FGRGBW-442, which is not in the supported list. Version 1 ends on 441.
The inclusion process hangs after the second triple push on the button. After approx 30 seconds the flashing LED in the controller extinguishes and the app continues displaying “Een ogenblik geduld, je apparaat wordt toegevoegd” (Patience Please or something) forever…

@josjg [quote=“Caseda, post:8, topic:19329”]
There are only 2 solutions, create your own driver, or create a device request at the developer of the app, which is in this case Athom
follow this good advice.

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Already did that. And waiting patiently for the addition, and a number of other fixes/improvements.

FYI and that of others, and maybe a little bit off-topic: Athom tells me that due to long-term sickness they are running behind with bug-fixes and improvements.
But as a customer/consumer/buyer of a €399 piece of equipment I do expect them to deliver proper and timely support, regardless of internal problems, however sad they are. I think I am not unreasonable expecting this, and do sincerely hope that they come up with solutions for the issues that are existing, and will be able to build a more stable system. It would be a pity if people turned their back on Homey this project/company failed!

This thread was started in October 2019. From what I see, quite a few people have made the device support request for the Fibaro RGBW Controller 2. I just made my second request for this device.
How many requests are needed to get this on the to-do list with Athom?

It probably is on the todo list, but there are hundreds of not thousands of devices that could be on todo list, so the more requests get send, the higher it will get, but just 10/20 requests or so (which seems people find often) isn’t all that often with a user base that goes well over several thousands of users.

The rgbw 2 controller has been added in the latest fibaro (test) version (v2.3.0).
You can find the test version here.
Remember, it is a test version, if it isn’t working as expected please contact Athom support, they probably won’t read here.