Fibaro RGBW Controller 2

Athom support, they probably won’t Answer

i can install the rgbw controller 2 in de fibaro test version.
but i can’t get the light work.
can someone help?

First of all, thanks for implementing RGBW Controller 2!

I could install RGBW Controller 2 on the Fibaro App test version 2.3.0. But only after third attempt and a Homey reboot in-between.
And although I changed the transition parameters, turning on and off does quite take some time (between 1 and 3 seconds).

Installed rgbw controllers 2 today.
It’s a bit janky, sometimes I get no response at all when changing colors. Wish there was an option for how fast the transitions and power on off are happening.
Option to set white color is missing in flows.

Also I wonder about the animations. There are a few but only in flows. Is it possible to make your own animations? Or maybe there is an app for that?

There are custom animations, but as long as fibaro doesn’t share how the 5 (custom) animations should be programmed (and they won’t, as why would they, it will only pull more people to their own controller) in the device itself it is impossible to figure this out without reverse engineering their home center, which is kinda hard or rather impossible to do.
You could do it with flows, but that is a lot of work, and will send lots of z-wave data completely overrunning your z-wave network/never giving you a nice result.

For the rest of your questions you can only contact Athom support as they are the writer of the app/that driver.
And they never implemented that the same as the rgbw controller v1 where you can control all 4 outputs separately.

Ok thanks.

Could you please answer a few more questions?

I got regular rgbw controller and rgbw controller 2 to test. Rgbw 2 worked fine for me, but I switched to regular rgbw because it looked more polished in the settings. If I activate an animation and turn it off, then for some reason it resets to just white. On rgbw2 it returned to previous state whether it was color or animation. Anyway to fix this?

Also, I want to set my regular rgbw for 2 white strips and control them separately, I couldn’t find how to do that, I only get 1 device in the UI.

Sorry, Athom rewrote the rgbw driver, so I don’t really know how it functions behind the scenes anymore fully, to fix it they will need to fix it in the code.

There is a flow card for that that can control all 4 outputs individually, you could couple them together to virtual lights with flows (virtual devices app) if you really want separated devices to control them.

How can I access this flow card? I don’t see anything like that.

It is called “set a specific brightness”, it is pretty much the bottom one of your “then” flow card

Got it, thank you!

Do you know how can I set a default color though? Because right now it sets itself to white after animations, and this white is too cold. I want it to be warmer. There is a setting for white LED where I can set temperature, but doesn’t seem to do anything…

Before what it did was that it returned back to the previous colour values, but apparently something messed up there.
Not sure what is now for options, nothing you can set for a default value as that doesn’t exist in Homey, you could try the zone memory app if that helps you out a little.

Today I got another rgbw controller to use with my white led strip. I set it to be white led in the settings, but I still get a choice to use rgb color wheel? My google home also thinks that its rgb light and keeps trying to change color when I ask it to switch other rgb lights. Anyway to fix this? I can’t even get my white led strip to work anymore, because it changed color. I tried picking every white color available, but my white led strip won’t turn on anymore…

Edit : ok I managed to fix it by changing it back to rgbw in the settings and then picking white color. So when its set to white led, and you change color by app or voice, you can’t change it back unless it’s set as rgbw… This is so stupid.

Is integration of Fibaro RGBW2 with Homey satisfactory? I am evaluating to purchase about 7 units, but I am not sure after reading this thread…

@Ladislav_Lala No, it’s not satisfactory and actually got worse compared to what’s described above. White color temperature picker got broken in v.3.0.7 of the app and remains broken for some months already (mind you, I didn’t test the very last version released days ago, but I did test all other of them since 3.0.7 and got fed up and replaced my Fibaro RGBWs with v.1 ones).

I would strongly suggest using Fibaro RGBW v.1 over v.2 with Homey. V.1 has its glitches as well, but at least it generally works.

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Thank you for the prompt response. How is it even possible that older version is superior to newer one? Is there any reliable alternative to Fibaro?

The last Homey update (v7) should fix these issues.

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Can’t say for v7 stable (I changed my last Fibaro RGBW V2 to v1 before it was released) but the issues remained through all v7 release candidates and we’re initially brought by Fibaro app update, which makes me think the app and not firmware is a culprit here.

@Ladislav_Lala Fibaro itself is okay, it’s rather the way Homey supports Fibaro, which is a problem.

However, speaking of RGBW Controllers I generally like v1 more. V2 should be more stable connectivity wise, but I personally had no connectivity problems with v1 either. V2 is quite different from v1 in terms of how it is controlled. Check Fibaro manuals for both if you need all the details, but essentially V2 is almost impossible to control with a single hardwired switch (you always need to control the specific line or HSB value + brightness, whereas on v1 you can directly control a specific output with a single switch). If that’s not important to you V2 may also be a good choice when Athom fixes the app.

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Does it mean that everything should be OK providing I will NOT use any hardwired switch to be connected to Fibaro RGBW controller? I plan to use only smart buttons etc.

@Ladislav_Lala if you are not planning to hardwire any buttons, then V2 is an okay choice to use with Homey provided Athom fixes the app bugs (which affect mostly V2, V1 seems working okay already now). The major bug was white temperature regulation, which did not work on V2 until very recently. I can’t say if that was fixed in the last release since I uninstalled all my V2s. RGB regulation and color picker worked fine on V2, so if you plan on using RGB (not RGBW) strip, then maybe V2 is an option even with a current state of app.