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Fibaro zware RGBW controller

Hi all,

I have an RGBW controller from fibaro but I’m struggling to get the colors right, since I upgrade to the beta version of the app, the colors have changed, when selecting the base colors they seem good, except for white (warm white) which I don’t seem te be able to select. Also when mixing colors things start to give weird colors.

any clues would be appreciated

There are still some minor issues with the rgbw controller in the beta app. (they look big, but there are just several small ones)
This is known, and i’ve been ironing them out, but have not had the time to finish the (several) fixes yet.

Edit: it is only 1 show stopping bug left, it is a really annoying bug though, without much time on my hands bit hard to find.

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Hey Caseda, thanks for the reply!

Take your time, I’ll look forward to a new (beta) release