Expand the logic card

I want to fetch some data from a API and then check if it’s A or B… if yes then do x.
But today I seem to need to do that in separate cards?

Plz add the option to have an or operator on the logic card

can you share an example of the Flow you are working on?
Maybe someone here can help you and show how it is already possible.
else you should should give enough info and let it know Athom so they see the benefit and implement is.
Putting this here is not enough for a feature request.

Check current price on electricity, if price is very cheap, cheap or normal then start heating the house…

It should be easier to build simple logic like this… common operators like bigger than, smaller then should be available and be possible to use together with others…
Like if price is cheap and temperature is less then 18 and day is weekday…

are you using PBTH [APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year
or Tibber for that ?

Something like this?

That’s exactly what they don’t want (“But today I seem to need to do that in separate cards”).

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Just to be able to have the logic check for variableA | variableB | variableC etc etc…