Possible to identify low and high prices over time?

I have a pool that is heated with triggers from Homey. Currently, I heat it four hours a day. What I want is to take advantage of the days where electricity is especially low (and vice versa), and increase (decrease) number of heating hours on these days. I am located in Norway and using Tibber.

Is there any way to identify if a day has especially low/high prices over a period of for example one or two weeks? Then I would like to heat the pool for the 8 cheapest hours on the cheap days and the 2 cheapest hours on the expensive days.

No. Prices for the next day become available at 1pm every day.

And there’s no way to see if today’s/tomorrow’s prices are cheap compared to the last x days?

Not to my knowledge, but I guess that would be possible in theory, if someone made that functionality.


Not possible to install…(?)

Maybe using information available in Power by the hour from @Gruijter ?

Definitely possible with PBTH and some flows. PBTH provides the lowest price and average each day. All you need to do is create a variable that creates an average of that over a 1 or 2 week period.


Thanks for the input! I have found a way to do ut now :slight_smile: But there seems to be something wrong with my price zone in your app…(?). Will post in the official thread.