Ethernet over Wifi

Hi guys.
I have a stable Mesh network inn my whole house, so I have no problem whatsoever with the connection to my devices/Homey.

I ordered the Ethernet adapter when I bought my Homey, just because I had no idea what to expect about connecting though an shared 2.4/5gz network. But I had not the problems alot of people reportedly had.

So would it still be beneficial to have my Homey connected to Ethernet over Wifi. Or do you guys chose Wifi anyway if you have a good mesh network? This is a personal preferences question so would be fun to hear your thoughts on it.


Ethernet is much less susceptible to (future) interference, and it also doesn’t interfere with protocols like BLE and Zigbee like WiFi does.

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Yes that sounds logical. Not so many years ago I would tear of my roof to give a device Ethernet over Wifi. Thanks Robert.