Error Panasonic Comfort cloud app

I’ve created a dedicated topic for my alternative PCC app. Better to keep discussions separate… :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I recently got a Panasonic ac and need homey to control it. I can confirm that my Panasonic ID is blocked when I use it with this app. So still something upset PCC.

Horrible app, I created a double account on panasonic to precent server errors. Once you install the app it’s working for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes no connection can be made with the airco’s. Problems with this app for over a year now. Please solve the problems, I’m getting desperate with summer comming up …

I suspect all of us who have tried here went for the alternative app on homey community store.

I can confirm that the linked app works


This app worked fine at first on Homey Pro 2023. A lot of parameters to play around with in flows, which is great.

But now it’s unresponsive and even unable to login. According to PCC my account is suspended for 24 hours due to ‘suspicious activity’. Any idea what the issue might be?

  • Homey Pro 2023 with RC 110
  • Panasonic app 1.3.2

Read the other comments in this thread and you’ll learn that this official app is broken since a long time ago. Sad :frowning:

Did you get it to eventually work? I can’t get it to work at all.

I see that @lumin hasn’t updated the app in over 10 months either, so I assume it’s a hopeless case. Maybe I’ll have to buy some external device to controll the AC.

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Not working!!!

How did you come in contact with the “panasonic developers”?
I have tried with the “Panasonic comfort cloud app alternative” but get error for login and thought that the right people at panasonic could have a look at it.

If the app is dead.
Can Homey support remove this app and make room for a new one?


This Community can’t do anything about it,
1st contact the developer and ask him.
2nd if that doesn’t work contact Support | Homey

Athom works with Tickets reported in their support system, not by using the Community forum .

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Good day, I am new here. Comfort cloud is not finding any device for me - I am asked to provide the error code - 55208c59-fcaf-410a-9ae3-6e4dec80a341

Can someone help with this?
Very best

The APP in the APP store is broken. See [App][Pro] Panasonic Comfort Cloud Alternative as alternative.

It looks like the app is working again since yesterday :smiley:
see changelog :

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Versie 1.4.0 — handle api rate limiting