Error Panasonic Comfort cloud app

Since Yesterday or today, Comfort cloud stopt working.
First I deleted the airco, then I could not add it again and delete the app.
I installed the app again, it found my airco, after trying to add it, there was a error

“SQLITE_CONSTRAINT: NOT NULL constraint failed:”

Can someone help?

Thanx in advance, Patrick.

Yesterday I also had issues. But mine probably were related to Panasonic Cloud problems.
I also was not able to log into the Panasonic app on my mobile phone itself. This morning I was able to login to the Panasonic cloud app on my mobile phone and also the Panasonic Homey app now is able to show the airco units.

Hello Jos,

Thanx for your reply,
The app detects the airco, but can’t be added again to the app.
Tried adding it again, just now still mo luck

In the last review of the app, there was someone having the same problem (A bit cruel from that user awarding 1 star because of a problem wich just has occured)

BTW, the Android comfort cloud app works fine

This was related to a Panasonic Cloud issue.
I had the same issue and also the iOS app wasn’t working for a long time.
This morning everything seems to be okay again.

Hee Arnold,
Just Tried adding the airco again, still no luck, Android app still functioning.
I wish I had not deleted the airco in the first place.

Same here, does someone has the solution for this issue?

Tried to logout.login the app, result the same.
The app works fine on my iPhone

Today I Tried to uninstall the app, reboot Homey, install the app again, but when I Tried to add the airco, he was found, but I got the same error again unfortunatly.
Greetings, Patrick.

Issue resolved. forgot to login the comfort cloud in Homey settings.
After entering my credentials works like a charm.

Hee Gerben,

I Installed the app again, filled in my Comfort cloud credentials, found my 3 device and could add thema, yeah.
I’m happy, not sure what was wrong before.
Greetings Patrick.

Perfect good to hear that the issue resolved