[App][Pro] Panasonic Comfort Cloud Alternative

This topic is for discussing the alternative Panasonic Comfort Cloud app, which is currently only available on GitHub. If you have a PC, installing it manually using the Homey CLI is fun and easy. Read instructions and caveats carefully.

To my knowledge, only air-to-air heat pumps are supported. Specifically, Aquarea (air-to-water) devices are not supported.

(To discuss the original Panasonic Comfort Cloud app, which is available in the official Homey app store, your best bet is instead this topic.)

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Great app. Athom should replace the current app in de store with this one.


1.0.5 was released yesterday.

The “authenticate” button on the settings page will always trigger re-authentication (previously only possible by changing credentials & saving twice).

The log display now includes stderr output (e.g. previously missing exception/error messages).

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Where do I download this? I dont seem to find a place to download this alternativ app?

It’s right there in the first post! :slightly_smiling_face:

I try to download it, but the install button is not active when I press on your link to Homey community store

You have to install HCS first.
See Homey Community Store

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Installed, 1 Ac unit working for a week now with zero issues. Robert_Schmidt please continue with further development. Seems like the official app has been abandoned. Maybe chat with Homey too take over the app :slight_smile:


Finally I had some time to install and test this app.
First of all thanks for the effort @Robert_Schmidt

I have 2 airco units.
After installing the app I added the devices. The device found both and added them.
The first airco went well, but the second gives an error 500.

So at this moment I have only one working of the two units :frowning:

[log] 2023-02-20 10:16:42 [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:aircon] [Device:93a226f6-e9ae-4aea-bbec-c281ae7d8786] Device 'CS-TZ20WKEW' has been initialized
[log] 2023-02-20 10:16:43 [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:aircon] [Device:922c6325-b633-449d-bb32-aa9561c4ea8a] Device 'CS-TZ35WKEW' has been initialized
[log] 2023-02-20 10:16:49 [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:aircon] [Device:93a226f6-e9ae-4aea-bbec-c281ae7d8786] postToService: { onoff: false }
[err] 2023-02-20 10:16:50 [ManagerDrivers] [Driver:aircon] [Device:93a226f6-e9ae-4aea-bbec-c281ae7d8786] setParameters failed: ServiceError: Request failed with status code 500
    at new ServiceError (/node_modules/panasonic-comfort-cloud-client/dist/src/model/ServiceError.js:20:28)
    at ComfortCloudClient.handleError (/node_modules/panasonic-comfort-cloud-client/dist/src/ComfortCloudClient.js:183:15)
    at ComfortCloudClient.<anonymous> (/node_modules/panasonic-comfort-cloud-client/dist/src/ComfortCloudClient.js:213:30)
    at step (/node_modules/panasonic-comfort-cloud-client/dist/src/ComfortCloudClient.js:33:23)
    at Object.throw (/node_modules/panasonic-comfort-cloud-client/dist/src/ComfortCloudClient.js:14:53)
    at rejected (/node_modules/panasonic-comfort-cloud-client/dist/src/ComfortCloudClient.js:6:65)
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5) {
  _code: undefined,
  _httpCode: 500

Sorry, I’ve been on vacation. I assume the situation is unchanged, and you’ve tried restarting the app?
Can both devices be controlled with your smartphone app, using the same credentials?
Lumin’s app is disabled?

I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Al your questions can be answered wit a yes.
On Home the Lumin’s app is disabled.
I did several restarts of your app on several days.
And always an error 500 on the second device.

The devices Alan be controlled with the original PCC app on my phone.

Hmm, not sure how to proceed. The 500 is returned from Panasonic’s service. I know the HTTP response may contain more details, but they’re next to impossible to extract with code in the app (I’ve seen it while debugging a test app on my laptop.)

Could you restart the app again, then play around a bit with both devices, and send me the full log as a DM?

If it’s not too much hassle with flows etc, could you try removing the working device (CS-TZ35), and see if that changes anything? (I only have 1 device myself.)

(This might be an unrelated coincidence, but my own log shows a handful of 500 errors at about 8:29AM (UTC) today morning. No problems afterwards.)

And just to be clear: Did you use the same credentials in the phone app as in my app? (I’m asking because the permissions granted to the credentials might be read-only for the device which fails - then the phone app also should be able to show status, but unable to control the device.)

Edit: never mind that - I just tested. The “control” permission applies to all devices in a group. If turned off, the response code is 403, not 500.

Are your 2 devices in the same group in the phone app? Could you also send a log after opening the “add new device” dialog?

What I did today.
Remove the devices from Homey including both apps.

  • Installed your app again.
  • Configured it with my second Panasonic Cloud account.
  • Added the unit that was not working before.
  • Added the second unit.

And now both devices are working correct.
I have no idea what went wrong before. But it looks like everything is okay now.

Thank you for the support!

Glad to hear it - thanks for the feedback!

Hi! Great to see you back. Big smile.
Is there any possibility you could look at the issues below?

Needs fixing:
The temperature feedback is incorrect on the front page in the app. Mine is showing 126 degrees under the degree ring and i’m not baking bread in my living room :slight_smile: 2. the front page and icon color is blue while heating - should be orange or so.

The app is working perfect with 1 ac unit over 1 month. heat, cool, fan speed ect working.

I can absolutely live with this but it would be nice to have everything up and running. Great app so far!

Can you send me the full log contents (from the app settings page) as a DM?

From about the same time, can you also send a screenshot from both your smartphone PCC app, and from my Honey app (showing the difference in measured temperature)?

My app does not control the colour of the icon/background - the thermostat look and feel is controlled by Homey. But if the measured temperature is 126 degrees (no matter how wrong), it’s kind of obvious that Homey thinks that the device is not in heating mode! :wink:


Will do it. You talking about the color, It makes sense, My AC-Heatpump is set to 25, app thinks it’s room temp 126, so it’s cooling down to 26 aka screen blue, now if the ac was set to 25 and the app hypothetically thought room temp is zero, then it will think it is heating up.

I will try to get the logs, but i have not don so before

Also i have sent a message to Athom about getting rid of the old app and putting you first in line for upgrade :slight_smile: - replacing the old apåp with yours.

Ill be back soon

Friken thanks man.

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Ok seems like there is a possible problem, there is no indoor temp on the panasonic app. i don’t know why, if the indoor temp sensor was not working on the unit, it would also stop working.

Hang on a bit while i chat with panasonic.

I’m still happy with this new app and it is working flawlessly so far.

Do you have plans to add more flow cards to it?

It would be great to have cards to control the:

  • Operation mode (heating or cooling)
  • Air Swing
  • Fan speed
  • Eco mode