[App][Pro] Panasonic Comfort Cloud Alternative

Can i use this for my new comming heatpump type KIT-WC05J3E5

Hi, Apologies for the late reply. Looks like the AC unit has a bad Temp sensor. Service dude on the way…

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I’ve added a Github issue.

Edit: I tried the Device Capabilities app again today, and it worked:

The first times clicking the “Device Class” field, only a text box appears, but a few minutes later it allowed me to select “thermostat” from a dropdown list - I suspect the class list initialization takes a long time in a background, with no visual feedback.

I hope this works for you, too - I’m less likely to add dedicated flow cards now, I’m afraid.

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Short answer: Only if the device works with Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud smartphone app.

Google brings me to Panasonic’s air-to-water heat pumps, which seem to integrate via Aquarea Smart Cloud rather than Comfort Cloud.

Mine looks like this after trying to add my air to water

I know there are cloud solutions
like home assistent

Can you use the PCC phone app to control it?

If so, it might be possible to fix for Homey.
At the very least, I should be able to improve that error message.

Could you send me the log contents (after trying to add the device)?

It it pcc or aquarea ?

Are you asking me?
This forum topic is about a PCC app for Homey.

Yea I’m asking because I use the PCC app on iPhone but inside the app it says aquarea

Ok, I found that Aquarea devices do indeed appear in the PCC app. However, the API and service endpoint for controlling them is different. Without access to one, it’s next to impossible (or very, very impractical) for me to consider working on it.

There’s a JavaScript package (for Homebridge) here which supports Aquarea devices.

The way forward would be for someone to extract the authentication and client code, test it (from command line), and reassemble into a Homey app package. My own code should work as decent inspiration for the last part.

Thanks for the reply
I would love for aquarea to be supported so fingers crossed that somebody is up for the task.
I’ll be willing to pay a developer to do this

Hi @Robert_Schmidt, this app worked on the Homey Pro 2023 but (i think) since rc65 not anymore.
it crashes right after starting it with the error message: Invalid App Origin: undefined
im using app ver 1.0.5

is this already reported?


No, first I’ve heard of it - you may be the first to try this app with the new device :slightly_smiling_face:. It suspect it has something to do with the fact that the app is installed by HCS, not the official store.

The HCS team says on Slack that HCS should not be considered compatible with HP23 yet.

Ok, i’ll wait patiently then :slight_smile:

Is there some development going for this wished flowcharts?


As I replied earlier, the same can be accomplished with flow cards from the Device Capabilities app, which I’m happy with, so I’m not spending time on custom flow cards.

I’ll happily review pull requests.

Hi Robert,

I get an error when controlling the AC. See below. Any idea? The flow is only turning on the AC and setting the temperature. That does work though, but the cards give this errors every time.

Edit: also when using other cards (Device Capabilities f.e.) this error shows up.

Pull request coming your way :slight_smile:

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I have the same error when starting the airco units on.