Add support for Aquarea to Panasonic Comfort Cloud

I have an Aquarea air to water heating pump. Would like to integrate it with Homey and comfort Cloud app. Is it possible?


Same here, i have one too and it would be great if it is controllable through homey

I will have a Panasonic heat pump in August. Would be nice to control it via Homey.

Im in the same situation, please add it

Same here :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes also for me.
Type KIT-WC07J3E5

Yes, would be nice to connect tot the aquarea cloud. 1 for collection data en 2 for setting the temperature.

Here also.
Please add a app for the Panasonic Aquarea



is something happening with requests?


anyone working on it?

+1 here as well. Would be nifty to integrate the heat pump with the rest of the heating.

Is there any instruction on how to make these apps? I can’t wait for anyone to integrate panasonic aquarea.

Got the exact same request / need. Integration with Homey to control heatpump of Panasonic would be much appreciated

Same here, KIT-WC09J3E5

Hi, I’m using HeishaMon in combination with the apps MQTT Broker / Client. Works perfect. I put the different Aquarea variables in Homey (pro 2023) variables for insights and controlling the Aquarea.


Broker/Client app:

Ophalen data:

Wegschrijven data:

Good integratoon would be much appreciate :+1:t2::muscle:.

Is there anyone using this work-around:

  • Download ‘Vthermo’.
  • Install a virtual thermostat device in the same zone as your temperature sensor.

Now this virtual thermostat will respond on that temperature sensor is you are able to control stuff.

Don’t blame me; i’m trying to figure it out overhere at this moment.

Issue here is that i can’t get my thermostat in Homey as it belongs to the aquarea heatpump :see_no_evil: