"..." -> "Apps" in Android app is giving an error

I’m using 10.0.5 currently, but the issue occurred since upgrading from the old to the new homey pro.
In the Android app, going to “…” then to “Apps” is throwing an error:
TypeError: Cannot read Property ‘toUpperCase’ of Null
and the dialog does not open.

Is this a know issue? I heard from early RCs that keeping it disconnected from Power for 15-30 minutes would solve, but it didn’t in my case.

Any help appreciated,

Working OK for me. You need to send a Diagnostics report to Athom.

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Thx, just did it.

Did you ever manage to resolve this? I’m having the same issue, after restoring a backup from an older Homey.

Yep, just as of yesterday (or the day before) - I used one App which is not supported on the new device while switching. I sent the diagnostic report to homey support as suggested above. It turned out to be the Expressif App (Express Control)
in the developer portal of my homey, this app showed up with no name and could be removed.