Cannot read properties of null (reading 'toLowerCase')


When I try to add a flowcard “Then > Apps > Activate app …”" and try to select app it gives me the error “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘toLowerCase’)”. I just upgraded from Homey Pro 2019 to 2023 with backup. I also can’t search for any apps available in list. All is working fine after back-up.

I have checked my app list and couldn’t find anything strange. Is this a bug in Homey or am I missing something?


Try to empty browser’s cache and force reload the page.

Same issue here: Problem with card "restart an app"

Ahh then there is no known fix I guess? I shall try contacting Athom support

I found the problem. It was the “LED-ring collection” app causing this problem. I found it in the apps list and removed it since it no longer is supported for the 2023. Removing this app solved the problem.

The app was named “v”. Pretty weird name. By pressing “View at app store” I knew for sure it was the LED ring app