Bosch-Siemens Home Connect (app) and Siemens Coffee Machine (model EQ.700) - Problems making flow starting program on machine

Trying to create a flow that will start the coffee machine and make a cup of coffee (a given program on the machine).

When trying to select a program I get an error message; "Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘toLowerCase’). Anyone know what’s causing this or what I’m doing wrong?

From The Athom support team:

This issue has already been reported by other users and you are not doing anything wrong. Development is working hard to fix this issue. I can’t give any guarantees on when this issue will be found and resolved, but please know that it has been forwarded to our development team and it will be investigated.

We hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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So, whats happening with this issue? Anyone have any updates?

Doesn’t happen much, last update is from 20 November 2021! Maybe more people can message the developer, like I did.

Sented this question to homey as well somewhere in may 2022. They said the app was given to BSH householdgroup. BSH told me that the app was indeed taken over by them to develop the bosch-siemens home connect app, they said they took over the app, but it takes a few months to get to know how to develop the app, before they will make and release a new one. But it is now 8 months ago and i expected by now that the problem was solved.

I would like this option too so that my espressomachine can set a cup of coffee in the morning automaticly.

I’ve been in contact with Home Connect support the past week. Very helpfull guy who responded rapidly. He first told me they had done an update recently and it should be fixed. But unfortunally it was’t.

He suggested some other checks, but that wasn’t the problem. So now, 8 mails in, they requested some info of my coffee machine.

He told me that he has a lot of contact with the Homey app developer and that they are going to look deeper into this.

So hopefully there will be a solution.

Good to know that they are finally looking into it at least. Same issue also applies to dishwasher, it doesn’t find any programs, so most likely a general problem with the program functionality in the app.

I just recently discovered that it’s possible with IFTTT now. That wasn’t the case before.