Enable ethernet in the API playground?

Is there a quick way to enable ethernet in the API playground? I see it’s possible to enable and disable wifi there, but a guess at Homey.system.enableEthernet(); returned “not a function”. I’ve got a Ubiquiti POE injector (the one suggested on the relevant knowledgebase page) and my Homey Pro isn’t seeing it and is still connected to the wifi. I want to avoid wading through the reset process if possible.

Many thanks.

Sounds like you just didn’t connect Homey up to Ethernet properly, it will start using Ethernet automatically if it’s correctly connected.

there’s no other way to connect it with the Ubiquiti POE device. And I’m using a cable I know works. So I don’t see how I’ve connected it up incorrectly.

If you’re 100% sure it’s connected correctly there’s an issue somewhere else because, like I said, Homey will use a properly connected Ethernet connection automatically. It’s not something you have to turn on explicitly.

That’s not what you should do.
Just press the pin for 8 seconds to enter the setup menu with wifi options.
Only when you don’t pay attention, or count to 8 veeeeeery slow while pressing, it could be possible you enter the factory reset menu after 30s.
But it should present “Are you sure” and “Cancel” buttons.

Afaik only the wifi can be turned off; ethernet is always active, but that’s an assumption.