No LAN after Homey update


I have my 2023 Homey connected to a Ubiquiti LAN/PoE adapter, which works fine. That is, until Homey updates and doesn’t re-establish the LAN connection. After the update, only the wifi connection comes back up. LAN can only be restored by unplugging the adapter for a few minutes. Is there any way of manually (through SSH?) bringing up the LAN or any other suggestions?


What happens when you just soft-reboot Homey? Because Homey always reboots after an fw update.

Did you by any means get a chance to test with the original PoE LAN adapter or the Google TV adapter?

Do you have any network filtering or -interfering tools running (pihole, adguard, …)?

Ubiqity unrelated: LAN issues should be somewhat fixed lately.
Which firmware is Homey on atm?

Thanks for your reply,

When I soft-reboot, the LAN stays up. That’s the weird thing. I’ve not tested the original adapter, but I am running a pihole system that assigns an IP address to the Homey based on the adapter’s MAC address. I need a fixed IP for the MQTT Broker…


I don’t know the pihole, but I think it can filter out “too much” for Homey?
According to this info, you only use the DNS service from the pihole.
Random and reserved IP addresses should be handled by your DHCP server, often the one in your router.

Can you disable the pihole filtering when you install the next fw update @ Homey?
You can disable the auto-updates, you will be notified when a new update is available. Then you can install it at a convenient moment.

Thanks again - my pihole is set up as my DHCP server as well. I will disable filtering before the next update and give that a try, though you would expect that the network should come online before filtering affects anything…


Ah I see!
Yeah it’s odd indeed, I assume the wifi connection is on the same subnet, and also behind the pihole?

yes, it is - wifi comes up fine and goes through the same pihole for its IP address… I’ve turned off automatic updates and will try to go through the pihole logs next time I (manually) update Homey to see what requests it gets from the Homey…


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