EcoDim app - Rotary (2-wire) dimmer switch compatible with both Z-wave & Zigbee (v1.0.2 | TEST v2.2.1)

I couldn’t add the 2020. See a 1.1.1 version in AppStore. Could not update to it.
Removed the old one. Can’t install the new one

Perhaps it requires firmware 4.2.0? Assuming that you’re on 4.1.0, which is still the current stable version.

EcoDim app is compatible with the current stable release: “compatibility”: “>=4.0.0”,

@Andre_van_Dalen, you must be running a pre 4.x release; which version is that?

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Homey versie 3.2.1
App versie

Updates are giving errors

Ik heb update kunnen uitvoeren…
I was finally able to update !
Apparently homey and WiFi were arguing since a longer time.
I added homey to guest network and that worked as my regular network and phone hotspot didn’t work

The Zigbee tunable filament bulbs as well as the wall controllers has been added to the EcoDim app update v2.2.0; compatible with Homey v5 and available through:

I tried to pair a zigbee .07 ecodim dimmer, but the pairing seems to take forever. I have another one already installed (differently wired) and that one is running successfully.
Was a zigbee .07 2019 dimmer removed with the latest update?

No, no dimmers removed in the latest updates.
But I also don’t expect this to be the cause; since if there would not be a match (due to missing driver), it would end up with a generic Zigbee device. What steps did you already try to include the dimmer?

It was solved eventually, unfortunately not clear what solved it.
Both a factory reset and a reset of the homey eventually did the trick.

Can you help me by sharing your experience/advice with your ECO-DIM.07, as I’m considering buying a bunch of them for my new house;

  1. Do you recommend the Basic or Pro?
  2. Do you recommend Zigbee or Z-wave (and why)?
  3. How stable & responsive is your setup (never an issue, a few times a year / month / week)?

If you want to know more about my new situation and share your opinion / advice, please check; Zou jij je slimme verlichting ook zo inrichten in je nieuwe huis?

Ik probeer een ecodim 8 knops schakelaar te pairen maar er gebeurt helaas niks.

I’ve got an EcoDim switch 8 buttons but it’s not pairing for some reason.

I already:

-reboot homey
-upgrade to 7.0
-give homey no power for 30 mins.
-held it very close to homey
-removed 3 end devices to make sure theres space to add
-reset the ecodim switch and tried again to pair.

Anything else I can try?

Edit: when trying to pair the light flashes 6 times which seems to be correct when paired, but the pairing page in the app remains the same. Maybe this is helpfull for the ones who made the app.

The app works fine for an Ecodim 7, however I just bought the Ecodim 5 but is not available in the app yet. The right channel in recognized as a single Ecodim 7 & 10. the left channel is not recognized at all.
Is there any chance of adding the Ecodim 5 ZigBee in the near future ?

Ecodim.05 duo zigbee 2021 version works fine.
Now and then a tiny bit delay if used to much in short period.
Ecodim.05 duo touchlink