Dusk/dawn sensor

I’m migrating from Nexa to Homey with Z-wave and existing Nexa units. Today I’m controlling my outside lamps with a Nexa dusk/dawn LBST-604 which is paired with Nexa switches.
I want Homey to be aware of dusk and dawn so I can have other Z-wave devices act on the light conditions.
Is it possible to add the LBST-604 to Homey?
The other option would be to find a Z-wave dusk/dawn sensor. I have found two of these; the Z-Wave Everspring Illumination Sensor and the Z-Wave Philio Multisensor - PIR / Light / Temp - Gen5.
Anyone know if there is an app for these in Homey?

Another possibility is Sun events app


Hi and thanks for the response. I’m aware of this but it’s not convenient as the ligting conditions can vary very much during the day depending on the weather.

You could try a philips outdoor motion sensor. It includes also lux measuring. Or a simple neeo motion sensor, no outdoor version. As long as you do not place it in the open but a bit sheltered it must work. On this forum someone has heatshrinked a neeo so he could use it also in the open. I had a somfy io sunsensor which did a great job, but unfortanetely after a while it did not work anymore with homey, but did work in my tahoma box. For some reason there are also people where it still works with homey. Ofcourse there will be many more devices. For me it turned out that flows with after and before sunset, with delay or not, works even better. That, was not i would have believed upfront. At this moment my inlight outdoor, philips outdoor, philips hue lights(outside mounted), somfy led terrace lights work perfect with these flows.

Actually, I have an Aeotec Multisensor in my bathroom for turning on some decoration LEDs when someone enters the room. It only runs on batteries now and the functionality is limited. I will connect it to USB-power and test it outside.
I think it’s possible to set the threshold value for luminance but I’m not sure if it will a response on passing this value both up and down.

does the outdoor motion sensor work with homey pro?

Hey Ragnar,
I know this topic is old, but new here :slight_smile:

Did you ever get LBST-604 to work with Homey? Or any good alternative solution? As LBST-604 is quite stupid, I thought I could’ve make it a bit smarter with Homey flows. Did it work with the Aeotec sensor?

I have installed the app for KlikAanKlikUit - “Trust Smart Home”:

There are similar Units as Nexa, and several more. I’ve installed the sensor: ABST-604, and it works great for Nexa LBST-604. Also missed the dimmer LDR-075 in Nexa app. Worked with KlikAanKlikUit ACM-LV24.

Thanks a lot the suggestion, have tried adding LDR-075 with that app but not able to Connect. Any suggestion? Much appreciate input :slight_smile:

Not sure what the problem might be. I have two LDR-075 and they connected first time. Maybe you should try to delete all memory slots on the dimmer. I did that on all units I moved from Telldus to Homey. When connecting an unit I always have them close to the Homey Pro using a extension cord.

A restart of Homey Pro hub might also help.

Ok Thanks alot for suggestion will try that.
How do i delete all the memory slots on the dimmer?

Documentation here:

Great - much appreciated!