[Discontinued] HomeKit Controller

I came one step further by pressing 10 seconds on the vocolinc, (after deleting in homekit)… Than I saw u de humidifier the vocolinc, got the screen to fill in the homekit pincode, but on submit, nothing happened…

Pressing what on the VOCOlinc? I have three buttons.

From what I’m reading on the Home Assistant forum, the device actually presents as two devices on iOS: a humidifier and a light. Did you remove both? (not sure if it’s the same device so may not apply)

Devices are default combined into one tile on iOS. I made sure I removed both (if you remove the one tile, both devices are deleted). I tested it also in Home Assistant, with the same “remove” action it was found automatically. So I seems somehow there is something going wrong on the Homey/this app.


I’m trying to add my hue bridge but it keeps asking for pincode :man_shrugging:t2: What todo

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to add devices connected to homekit via homebridge?

Homey ≥ Homey Homekit controller app ≥ Homekit ≥ Homebridge ≥ Device

I have a Dyson Air Purifier connected to Homekit via homebridge. Visable in Homekit as an Air Purifier.

When I try add it via Homekit Controller App, it is undetected.

Am I doing something wrong or can the Homekit controller app not see these devices connected via Homebridge??

Hi, thanks for the cool app - I have a problem that I am sure will be solveable with a little help: My Homebridge (latest version 1.4.0) runs as a docker container on my Synology NAS and is already connected to several devices without any problem. Runs fine, everything green.
When trying to connect from my Homey Pro via the HomeKit Connector App the Homebridge can be found (Add → New Bridge) and also accepts the PIN but after that it gets timeouts (30.000 ms). Same LAN/IP Range, Homebridge is reachable via Browser without any problems and works like a charm.
Anyone has a clue or hint for me, how to finally get my Homey Pro connected to that docker Homebridge?
Thanks in advance!

Try running the docker in “host” under network, or try to create a macvlan on synology… Homekit does some strange things with tcp/ip packets and doesnt run well under default docker network settings

Same problem. I have 4 Vocolinc humidifiers and cant they connect via homeykit: " no devices."
@robertklep, can you fix it? Can a donation help with this? I am ready for to do it :wink:.
With homeassistant they work nicely, but now i have home assistant only for humidifiers.

If you have the same problem, the issue is with HomeKit Controller, not HomeyKit. Those are two very different apps.

Yep. My mistake. I know bose apps.

I used the correct app and it still doesn’t work though.

Hello, does anybody have repository? Maybe I can continue in development. Im missing my VOCOLINC led strip on new Homey 2023…


I have it installed on my Homey. Can it help?

Unfortunatelly not…

What about HomeyKitty?

HomeKitty is not a HomeKit controller.

I was only able to find this by googling

not sure if it can help

Posted by the developer of this app

Hello everybody, I have great news, I have just paired my Vocolinc led strip 2 directly to Homey with HomeKit Controller app.