Decimal sign problem with advanced flow calculation

I try to have logics to calculate a value. Problem is that in the advancedflow card, the “.” is used as decimal sign, and in the Homey Variables “,”
Now it is not possible to use the homey variables for calculations

any idea to change teh decimal signs?

Why not? Have you tried? Are you getting errors?

yes, the calculation is not done…

Can you show a minimal, reproducible example of a flow where the calculation is not done? Because the numbers are internally not stored with commas, those are just there due to i18n formatting.

hmm, seems there was a problem with accolades. It works now. Still strange that the variables are shown with different decimal symbol than is used in the flows…

The frontend uses your locale setting.
In the background, Homey uses EN locale, thus dots and UTC time.
From a technical point it’s not that straings. :wink: