Does flow 'calculate' feature support formulas?

Hello, my Homey Pro will be delivered soon (I hope :slight_smile: but for now i’m using my Bridge. Ik was wondering if the ‘calculate’ feature in flows has functions (e.g. trim(), len(), substr(), sqrt(), … and if yes, where I can find a description. Is there an online manual?
On a related note, is there a way to copy Bridge flows to the Pro, or do I have to recreate them when I’ll migrate?

Most of these functions work


No, unfortunately there’s nothing you can migrate :hugs:

Thank you Peter! Meanwhile I’d found your same reply elsewhere in the Community Forum :slight_smile: With examples trim(), len(), substr() I meant (also) string operations, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to run a string operation on Text variables, which is a pity.

YW! Yeah I tried to ignore the string part :rofl:
Basic string operations are possible, but use it like this:

But you might take a look at the Better Logic Library app, it has also Lodash available.
You can write your own functions as well with it

Ah, but I expect my Pro in a few weeks and for now am only a poor ‘Bridge’ user :wink: Unfortunately I cannot load the BLL app in the cloud, and also… I don’t see a ‘Calculate’ option for Text variables in the cloud version (only for numericals).
Ik moet nog een paar weken geduld hebben :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, BBL is only for the Pro’s

There is only one logics ‘calculate’ card, which I used. Nothing fancy! Go try :wink: