Source of documentation on functions available in Homey Pro flows

Hi! Newbie on Homey and flows. This question may seem very stupid, but I am about to give up on finding for instance a list of functions available when calculating values in the flow cards. I do for instance want to set a variable MaxEffect as the least value of two other variables. By looking at other flows, I “found” the use of a min function to do that: {{min(MaxEffectByPrice,MaxEffectByCapacity)}}. I have also found other functions, like max, round, etc. What I miss is a list or similar of available functions. Are there for instance functions to find a numerical value for time, or only for the minute part of time? I guess there are apps for almost everything, but the functions like min and max seem to be built into the Homey itself.

It is mathjs functions. You can read more here:

You can also try the app Javascript Logic.

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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: