Homey pronounces numbers as time

I have a flow that calculates the energy usage at the end of the day and then mentions the amount out loud:

“Today you spent Euro on electricity and Euro on gas.”

Where and are number values.

However, Homey pronounces the numbers as time values. For example if is having the value 2.10, it will say “10 minutes past 2 Euro”. Is there a simple way to let Homey say “2 comma 10” instead. Or do I have to make it to different variables, one for the decimals?

Strange. Are you using a tag I guess for your number values?
Because I’ve just done a test with the following results:

  • “Hello, 2.10” where homey says “Hello, two point one zero”
  • “Hello, 2:10” where homey says “Hello, two ten”
  • “Hello, 2,10” where homey says “Hello, two comma ten”

Ah, I discovered what is wrong. Homey says it correctly. But it is google that does it wrong (through the Google TTS app). Must be a bug in that app.