Issue with return value from code cards in advanced flows

If this turns out not being a howto question, but rather a bug report, please guide me right here!
Image showing my code after test:

Image showing my trouble getting the recieving card to read the output of the code:

Note: The tag-name “klok12h” is kind of “glued” in this menu and reflects an earlier experiment of mine. The value (9) also made sense back then. I have restarted my Homey Pro but #klok12h pops up anyway!

Try running the flow once, then see if the “Result” tag (which contains the result of the script) appears.

It has run many times, I use it to collect Excel data for my hourly power consumption (Swedish Excel doesn’t understand decimal points, only commas).

Am I looking for it in the right place (under HomeyScript)?

Ah, no, it should be under “This Flow”:

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Wow, thank you very much!!! (Now I can’t wait to the 14:00 run!)

The 14:00 run: (YAY!)

Just FYI: Working on a Format Number card in Better Logic Library right now for this kind of formatting (was still on the todo list).
Hoping to finish it today.

Here, it’s in test now:

For you, this would be an easy card to use for this example: