Controlling LG TV using homey native IR

Hi All,

I can’t control my LG TV using Homey native IR controls, it was working with my standard Homey but no more since in have replaced it by the pro version…
I’m wondering if It could be a hardware problem…
Are some of you able to control their Lg Tv via Homey?
Thanks !

I have an Early 2019 non-Pro and the IR works fine with various devices and the LG.
You can watch the IR signals if you look at Homey through a camera, so you can find out if it sends anything at all.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the trick, but unfortunately I can t see any .IR signal from my homey, that sadly confirms it could be an hardware issue😢….
Is there any option i haven t seen to enable or disable IR in Homey’s menus?

Someone pointed out that at least iPhone’s (but probably all modern phones) have infrared filters in their camera’s so you can’t see the signals. If you have an old phone or camera (or perhaps a cheap web cam) it may work better.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the suggestion, you’re right , I can see IR signal using a camera but not with my iPhone,.

I tried to put homey just in front of my tv but still nothing happens…:pleading_face::disappointed::cry: