Infrared LG TV

I got my LG WebOS TV connected to Homey as an IR device.

Switching the TV on and off works fine:-)

However changing the channel with “Channel Up” jumps 2 channels instead of 1.
The same holds true for selecting fi channel 2, it selects channel 22.

So to summarize most inputs are repeated 2 times which makes it kind of useless.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Any help would be appreciated!

You may want to try other IR device…or control it directly via WebOS, there are two integrations for WebOS - officiall one and unofficial

@ Sharkys thanks for you response.

I tried using both of them.

The WebOS version cannot turn on the TV and wake-up on LAN does not work either.

The IR version seems limited but maybe I am mistaken?

Double IR signal sounds like too many reflections in your room, or the signal is not short enough probably.

I have the WebOS community app running for 3 years now, and it works 99%.
It wakes my tv on LAN (which does not work when you connected it by wifi WLAN. Just to be sure, I don’t know your level of knowledge)

Hello Peter,

The TV is connected via LAN cable.

I’ve been moving the Homey bridge around to see if it is a reflection problem but no luck so far.


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Strange, this works for me. Maybe it’s specific to your setup/TV…

Hello Sharkys,

You think every LG TV supports Wake-Up on LAN?

If so I will dive into that.

If you are able to wake it up via phone app (the one from LG), I guess it should work also via app directly. But I remember it’s tricky to set it up.