LG WebOS app doesn't power on my LG TV

Hi I have LG WebOS app version v2.2.0 - 09.12.17 installed. It can send a message to the TV, turn up the volume etc, but power on always fails with timeout.

Any ideas?

Support link from App page seems to be dead (This issue tracker is disabled…)

Support page doesn’t seem to work for me either (“athom.zendesk.com refused to connect.”)

Because wifi tv is off when tv is off?

Not sure what you mean:

Because wifi tv is off when tv is off?

App readme says:
“Note: Powering the TV on or off is done using Infrared, all other actions are used via Wi-Fi.”

Exactly. I use the app for the bedroom tv in combination with the broadlink rm mini for on/off

I have a LG Oled TV and use the Homey app “WOL” (Wake on Lan) to power on the TV.
Works perfect.


Make sure to enable the power on over LAN it should default in OFF.