Turning off tv with LG WebOs not working

I am trying to turn my tv off, but it does not seem to work
Turning on works.

I can also turn off and on the tv with my normal LG ThinQ app.
But i want to use it in a flow.

What can be the problem?

Well probably depends on the version of Homey and software update, configuration of the App and/or device - and the flow you use. So can you please provide some more information?
Can you switch the TV on or off on with the mobile or web interface?
If it is really the LG WebOs App, you should contact the Athom support as described here.

It works without homey so in the LG WebOs App you can install from the google store.
Turning on the tv with homey also works

I have a homey pro (ball version) version 10.0.9

My setup is the LG OLED tv (i cant power off with a smart socket)
A smart socket that powers a network switch and a media pc
And a hue smart button to start the flow

the flow i created to turn off:

I planning to expand this flow to also be able to turn off the media pc.
Sorry it is dutch. I can translate if needed.
I added a delay because the tv probably need the network connection to be able to turn off with WebOs

This is the community app (not the Athom one)?
See if enabling “polling” makes a difference: